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The 2008 Presidential (Money) Race

Wirehouse broker/dealers have been lining the campaign coffers of both Democratic and Republican candidates- see which firms are ponying up the most dough, and for whom.

Whether the dosh comes from a firm's Political Action Committee (PAC) or the pocketbooks of its employees or owners, a lot of Greenbacks find their way from wirehouses into political campaign coffers. Below are the top three money-earning candidates from both parties and the amounts contributed in U.S. dollar amounts to each candidate by wirehouse broker/dealers, and in aggregate, through April 15th, according to the most recently released data from the Federal Election Commission.

Clinton Obama Edwards Romney Giuliani McCain Totals
Citigroup $101,450 $56,000 $34,250 $44,800 $47,600 $52,250 $336,350
UBS Americas 0 162,200 0 0 62,050 0 224,250
Morgan Stanley 79,350 41,850 0 66,550 31,700 0 219,450
Merrill Lynch 37,650 0 0 56,250 66,200 30,900 191,000
Wachovia 0 0 0 0 0 43,750 43,750
Source: The Center for Responsive Politics,
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