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The Top 100 Shopping Center Managers

Our 13th annual ranking of shopping center managers has a few surprises at the top spots.

For the second year running, Simon DeBartolo Group Inc. finds itself at the top of Shopping Center World's annual ranking of shopping center managers. No newcomer to property management, Simon has been at or near the top spot in each of our previous 12 rankings.

Like its position at the top of heap of shopping center owners (See Shopping Center World, January 1998), Simon has a pretty firm grasp on the No. 1 spot, reporting more than 138 million sq. ft. of GLA managed as of Dec. 31, 1997 -- 48 million sq. ft. more than its closest competitor.

Just as Simon repeats as No. 1, there is no change at Nos. 2, 3 and 4. General Growth Properties Inc. sticks at No. 2; Urban Shopping Centers Inc., No. 3; and The Rouse Co., No. 4. However, the Top 10 is not without change.

Kimco Realty Corp. moves up two notches to No. 5, displacing The Richard E. Jacobs Group, which now occupies the No. 7 position. Also, the newly merged ERE Yarmouth Retail Group (combining the total GLA managed of Compass Retail and The Yarmouth Group) holds on to the No. 8 position that Compass Retail had in our 1997 ranking.

And the top 10 welcomes Developers Diversified Realty (No. 9) and First Washington Realty Trust (No. 10), and it bids adieu to Faison (No. 15) and The Cafaro Co. (No. 14).

Overall, the 1998 ranking of Top 100 Shopping Center Managers includes 13 companies that were not present in the 1997 listing. They include: Bradley Real Estate Inc., Divaris Real Estate Inc., Donahue Schriber, Excel Realty Trust, The Festival Companies, Kranzco Realty Trust, Madison Marquette Realty Services, Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, Regency Realty Corp., Saul Centers Inc., Stirling Properties, Tanguay-Burke-Stratton, and Terranomics Retail Services Inc. Gainsand losses in GLA managed, corporate mergers, and a larger pool of companies reporting all contribute to the presence of these companies in the 1997 listing.

The Top 100 Shopping Center Managers are ranked according to the reported total shopping center GLA managed as of Dec. 31, 1997 (in the United States and abroad).

The 1998 ranking begins on page PM5 and is preceded by an alphabetical index on page PM4.

1 Simon DeBartolo Group Inc. 115 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 Ph.: 317/636-1600 Website: Total GLA Managed: 138,653,643 sq.ft. Co-Chairmen, Melvin Simon and Herbert Simon; CEO, David Simon; President and COO, Richard S. Sokolov; Exec. Vice President, Corporate Development, Randy Foxworthy; Exec. Vice President, Property Development, Jerry Garvey; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, Jim Napoli; Exec. Vice President, Property Management, John Neutzling; General Counsel, James Barkley; Treasurer, Steve Sterrett

2 General Growth Properties Inc. 55 West Monroe, Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60603-5060 Ph.: 312/551-5000 Fax: 312/551-5475 Website: Total GLA Managed: 90,113,392 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Matthew Bucksbaum; President and COO, Bob Michaels; CFO, Bernie Freibaum; Exec. Vice President, John Bucksbaum; Exec. Vice President, Management Services, John Millar; Sr. Vice Presidents, Asset Management, Randy Richardson and Jean Schlemmer; Sr. Vice President, Development, Jon Batesole; Sr. Vice President, Redevelopment, Mark London; Sr. Vice President, Marketing Services, Mary Kiley

3 Urban Shopping Centers Inc. 900 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60611 Ph.: 312/915-1725 Fax: 312/915-2001 Total GLA Managed: 56,976,000 sq.ft. Chairman, Matthew S. Dominski; CFO, Adam S. Metz; President, Development Group, James L. Czech; Sr. Exec. Vice President, Management, Joseph M. Shrader; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, Ross B. Glickman; Sr. Vice President, Dennis M. Zaslavsky

4 The Rouse Co. 10275 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, MD 21044 Ph.: 410/992-6000 Fax: 410/992-6363 Total GLA Managed: 44,273,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Anthony W. Deering; Exec. Vice President and Director, Development and Operations, Douglas A. McGregor; Sr. Vice President and CFO, Jeffrey H. Donahue; Sr. Vice President and Retail Operations Director, Paul I. Latta Jr.; Sr. Vice President and Retail Leasing Director, Robert D. Riedy; Sr. Vice President and Director, Office and Mixed-Use Operations, Duke S. Kassolis; Sr. Vice President and New Business Director, Robert Minutoli; Sr. Vice President and Director, Commercial and Office Development, Jerome D. Smalley; Sr. Vice President, Community Development and General Manager of Columbia, Alton J. Scavo; Sr. Vice President and Controller, George L. Yungmann; Vice President and Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, David L. Tripp

5 Kimco Realty Corp. 3333 New Hyde Park Road New Hyde Park, NY 11042 Ph.: 516/869-9000 Fax: 516/869-9100 Website:; Total GLA Managed: 43,323,212 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Milton Cooper; President, Michael Flynn; Vice President, Construction, Joseph Denis; Vice President, MIS, Alex Weiss; CFO, Michael Pappagallo

6 Westfield Corp. Inc. 11601 Wilshire Blvd., 12th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 Ph.: 310/445-4456 Fax: 310/478-1267 Total GLA Managed: 41,974,397 sq.ft. President, Richard Green; Exec. Director, Peter Lowy; Exec. Vice President, Leasing and Center Management, Roger Burghdorf; Exec. Vice President, Design and Construction, Dimitri Vazelakis; Exec. Vice President, Center Management, Scott Grossman; Exec. Vice President, Marketing, Randall J. Smith; CFO, Mark Stefanek; Vice President, Partner Relations, John Endicott; General Counsel, Irv Hapner

7 The Richard E. Jacobs Group Inc. 25425 Center Ridge Road Cleveland, OH 44145 Ph.: 216/871-4800 Fax: 216/892-2741 Total GLA Managed: 40,586,135 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Richard E. Jacobs; President and COO, Martin J. Cleary; Exec. Vice President, Thomas W. Henneberry; CFO, Anthony W. Weigand; Vice President, Management, Stephen L. Huber; Vice President, Leasing, David J. Lewanski; Vice President, Design/Construction, Thomas P. Schmitz; Vice President, Finance, Judson E. Smith; Vice Presidents, Real Estate, Donald N. Jones and Michael J. Licciardi; Director, Marketing Services, William N. Fullington; General Counsel, David W. Pancoast

8 ERE Yarmouth Retail Group 5775 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite 200-D, Atlanta, GA 30342 Ph.: 404/303-6100 Fax: 404/303-6117 Website: Total GLA Managed: 37,513,000 sq.ft. Sr. Exec. Vice President and Head of Retail Group, Graham Bond; Exec. Vice President, Acquisitions, Development and Legal, Gregory R. Greenfield; Exec. Vice President, Asset and Property Management, Robert Welanetz; Exec. Vice President, Finance and Administration, William G. Brown Jr.; Exec. Vice President, Development, Robert Little; Sr. Vice President, Property Management, Gregory T. Maloney; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Thomas Gallagher; Vice President, Marketing, Bernadette O'Grady DiMauro

9 Developers Diversified Realty Corp. 34555 Chagrin Blvd. Moreland Hills, OH 44022 Ph.: 216/247-4700 Fax: 216/247-1118 Website: Total GLA Managed: 33,400,000 sq.ft. President and Chairman of the Board, Scott A. Wolstein; COO, James Schoff; Vice President, Development, John R. McGill; Vice President, Management, Loren F. Henry; Vice President and CFO, William Shafer; Regional Vice Presidents, Leasing, Alan Bobman, Steven Dorsky and Robin Walker; Marketing/P.R. Director, Susan M. Schaaf; Vice President and General Counsel, Joan V. Allgood

10 First Washington Management Inc. 4350 East-West Hwy., Suite 400 Bethesda, MD 20814 Ph.: 301/907-7800 Fax: 301/907-4911 Total GLA Managed: 32,442,058 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Stuart D. Halpert; President, William J. Wolfe; CFO, James G. Blumenthal; Sr. Vice President, Development and Third Party Services, James G. Pounds; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, G. Ralph Ours; Vice President, Marketing/P.R., Christine M. Schaaf; Vice President, Construction, Robert F. Williams

11 Benderson Development Co. Inc. 570 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14202 Ph.: 716/886-0211 Fax: 716/886-2269 Total GLA Managed: 32,245,000 sq.ft. CEO, Nate Benderson; President, Randall Benderson; Vice Presidents and Partners, Rex Burgher, Don Robinson, David Feuerstein, Steve Goodman; Marketing/P.R. Director, Cheryl Ludwig

12 Trammell Crow Co. 3400 Trammell Crow Center 2001 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75201 Ph.: 214/863-3000 Fax: 214/863-3125 Website: Total GLA Managed: 32,000,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, J. McDonald Williams; President, George L. Lippe; Sr. Vice President, Communications, Barbara Bower; CFO, Asuka Nakahara; Management Practice Leader, Jon Seiz; Retail Practice Leader, Bill Rothacker

13 CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc. 533 S. Fremont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90071 Ph.: 213/613-3123 Fax: 213/613-3535 Website: Total GLA Managed: 31,753,000 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Jim Didion; Sr. Exec. Vice Presidents, Tad Jones and Bill Rothe; President, Corporate Services, Gary Beban; President, CB Commercial/Koll Management Services, Rick Abraham; President, Brokerage Services, Brett White; President, Financial Services, Ray Wirta; Sr. Exec. Vice President/Eastern Division Manager, Brokerage Services, Ken Standstad; Sr. Exec. Vice President/Western Division Manager, Brokerage Services, George Kallis; Sr. Vice President, Managing Officer, Financial Services, Gary Campanaro

14 The Cafaro Co. 2445 Belmont Ave., P.O. Box 2186 Youngstown, OH 44504-0186 Ph.: 330/747-2661 Fax: 330/743-2902 Total GLA Managed: 31,369,933 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, William M. Cafaro; President and CEO, Anthony M. Cafaro; Exec. Vice President, J. J. Cafaro; Vice Chairman, Anthony J. Ross; Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, Flora M. Cafaro; Vice President, Marketing, Phyllis C. Cafaro; Sr. Vice President, Finance, Joseph S. Nohra; Sr. Vice President, Development, R. Lynn Squire; Sr. Vice President, Norman W. Peters; Vice President, Construction, George W. Roth; Treasurer and CFO, Dominic Rosselli Jr.; Vice President, Timothy J. Matune

15 Faison & Associates 121 W. Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Ph.: 704/331-2500 Fax: 704/331-2589 Total GLA Managed: 31,194,271 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Henry Faison; CEO, Phil Norwood; Partner, Management Services, G. Michael Cox; Partner, Retail, Jimmy Culpepper; Partner, Design/Construction, Coy Shields; Marketing/P.R. Director, Randy Smith

16 CBL & Associates Properties Inc. One Park Place, 6148 Lee Hwy. Chattanooga, TN 37421 Ph.: 423/855-0001 Fax: 423/490-8662 Total GLA Managed: 28,598,732 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Charles B. Lebovitz; Exec. Vice President, Finance, and CFO, John N. Foy; Exec. Vice President, Development, Stephen D. Lebovitz; Exec. Vice President, Management, Ben S. Landress; Sr. Vice President, Development, Ron Fullam; Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, Ron Gimple; Sr. Vice President, Mall Projects, Michael I. Lebovitz; Sr. Vice President and Director of Corporate Leasing, Eric Snyder; Sr. Vice President, Accounting and Controller, Gus Stephas; Vice President, Mall Management, Jerry Sink; Vice President, Marketing/P.R. Director, John R. Martin Jr.

17 The Macerich Co. 233 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Ph.: 310/394-6911 Fax: 310/395-2791 Total GLA Managed: 25,700,000 sq.ft. Chairman, Mace Siegel; President and CEO, Arthur M. Coppola; Vice Chairman and COO, Dana K. Anderson; Exec. Vice President and Acquisitions Director, Edward C. Coppola; Sr. Vice President and CFO, Thomas E. O'Hern; Sr. Vice President, Leasing Director, Dane F. Smith; Sr. Vice President, Director of Operations, David Contis; Sr. Vice President, Real Estate, Larry Sidwell; Sr. Vice Presidents, Property Management, Charles P. Waldron and Scott W. Burchard; Sr. Vice President, Asset Management Director, Lori A. Gatto; General Counsel, Richard A. Bayer

18 The Taubman Co. 200 E. Long Lake Road, Suite 300 P.O. Box 200 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0200 Ph.: 248/258-6800 Fax: 248/258-7697 Website: Total GLA Managed: 25,330,000 sq.ft. Chairman, A. Alfred Taubman; President and CEO, Robert S. Taubman; Exec. Vice President and CFO, Lisa A. Payne; Exec. Vice President, Development and Acquisitions, William S. Taubman; Sr. Vice President, Asset Management, Denise Anton; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Douglas Lucey; Sr. Vice President, Construction, Jeffrey Armitage; Sr. Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Christopher J. Tennyson; Director, Investor Relations, Barbara K. Baker

19 WellsPark Group 1 Wells Ave. Newton, MA 02159 Ph.: 617/965-8700 Fax: 617/243-7396 Total GLA Managed: 25,127,400 sq.ft. Co-Chairmen, Stephen R. Karp and Jeremiah W. O'Connor; Directors, Steven S. Fischman, Bruce Macleod and Glenn J. Rufrano; President and Director, Carl B. Chudnofsky; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, John Phelan Jr.; Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Adrienne Davis-Brody

20 The Pyramid Cos. 4 Clinton Square Syracuse, NY 13202 Ph.: 315/422-7000 Fax: 315/422-2717 Total GLA Managed: 24,232,000 sq.ft. Managing Partner, Robert J. Congel; CEO and Partner, James A. Tuozzolo; COO, Timothy P. Ahern; General Counsel, Marc Malfitano

21 TrizecHahn Centers 4350 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92122-1233 Ph.: 619/546-1001 Fax: 619/546-3413 Website: Total GLA Managed: 23,286,676 sq.ft. President and CEO, Lee H. Wagman; Exec. Vice President and COO, Weldon "Joe" Larsen; Exec. Vice Pres., Andrew A. L. Blair; Sr. Vice President, Finance, Wendy M. Godoy; Sr. Vice President, General Counsel, Douglas L. Hageman; Sr. Vice President, Development Director, Wayne Finley; Sr. Vice Presidents, Development, David L. Malmuth, William H. W. Doyle, Richard A. Froese Jr. and Richard Welcome; Sr. Vice President, Asset Management, Robert L. Sorensen; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Terri L. Powers; Vice President, Leasing Management, Ray Walton; Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Alberta P. Davidson; Vice Presidents, Property Management, Kurt Sullivan and John Walker; Vice President, Market Research and Financial Analysis, William A. Speer; Vice President, Dispositions, Mary Allman Boyle; Vice Pres., Specialty Leasing, Carol Ann Sivek; Vice Pres., Financial Services, Jeffrey D. Egertson

22 Cambridge Shopping Centres Ltd. 95 Wellington St. West Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2R2 Ph.: 416/369-1200 Total GLA Managed: 22,915,400 sq.ft. President and CEO, J. Lorne Braithwaite; Sr. Vice President, Development, Stephen Raynor; Sr. Vice President, COO and Asset Management, Ronald Meiers; Exec. Vice President and COO, Donald F. Priddle; Sr. Vice Presidnet, Corp. Affairs and Law, William W. Tesmouth

23 Glimcher Realty Trust 20 S. Third St. Columbus, OH 43215 Ph.: 614/621-9000 Fax: 614/621-8930 Total GLA Managed: 21,605,983 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Herbert Glimcher; President, David J. Glimcher; Sr. Vice Pres. and CFO, William G. Cornely; Sr. Vice Pres., CIO and Treasurer, Timothy C. Getz; Sr. Vice Pres., Development, Alan S. Perlstein; Sr. Vice Pres., Leasing, Michael P. Glimcher; Sr. Vice Pres., Construction Services, William Husted; Sr. Vice Pres., General Counsel and Secretary, George A. Schmidt; Vice Pres., Marketing & Communications, Marie Izzo Cartwright

24 New Plan Realty Trust 1120 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 Ph.: 212/869-3000 Website: Total GLA Managed: 20,700,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, William Newman; Pres. and CEO, Arnold Laubich; Exec. Vice Pres., Management, James Steuterman; Vice Pres., Operations, Leonard Cancell; Vice Pres., Leasing, James DeCicco; Marketing/P.R. Director, Christine Dieckmann; Construction Director, David Ozerkis

25 Zamias Services Inc. 300 Market St. Johnstown, PA 15901 Ph.: 814/535-3563 Fax: 814/536-5505 Total GLA Managed: 19,038,506 sq.ft. President/CEO, Damian Zamias; Vice Chairman, Stephen G. Zamias; Chairman, Samuel C. Zamias; CFO, Donald A. Borkland; Vice Pres., Leasing, Perry Russ; Vice Pres., Construction & Site Planning, Judy Widrig

26 Weingarten Realty Investors 2600 Citadel Plaza Drive Suite 300, Houston, TX 77008 Ph.: 713/866-6000 Fax: 713/866-6049 Website: Total GLA Managed: 18,962,898 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Stanford Alexander; Vice Chairman, Martin Debrovner; President, Drew Alexander; Vice Pres., Acquisitions, Candace DuFour; Vice Pres., Construction, John Marcisz; Vice Presidents, Leasing, Steve Weingarten, Johnny Hendrix, Patty Bender and Tim Seckinger; Director, Corporate Communications, Freddye Kelly

27 Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust 200 South Broad St., Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Ph.: 215/875-0742 Fax: 215/546-7311 Total GLA Managed: 18,772,000 sq.ft. CEO, Ronald Rubin; President, Jonathan Weller; President, Acquisitions, George Rubin; CFO, Edward Glickman; Exec. Vice President, Joseph Coradino

28 Crown American Pasquerilla Plaza Johnstown, PA 15907 Ph.: 814/536-4441 Fax: 814/535-9486 Website: Total GLA Managed: 18,454,050 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Frank J. Pasquerilla; President, Mark E. Pasquerilla; Exec. Vice President, Real Estate, Nicholas O. Antonazzo; Exec. Vice President, Asset Management, Tom Stephenson; Exec. Vice President and CFO, John M. Kriak; Sr. Vice President, Facilities Planning, Nicholas Pasquerilla; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Robert Griffith; Sr. Vice President, Asset Acquisitions, George Sakakeeny; Vice President, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Christine Menna

29 Kravco Co. 234 Mall Blvd. King of Prussia, PA 19406 Ph.: 610/768-6300 Fax: 610/768-6444 Website: Total GLA Managed: 18,238,092 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Wayne L. Snyder; President, Lewis I. Gantman; Vice President, Development, Joseph C. Esposito; Vice President, Management, Clinton M. Cochran; Vice President, Leasing, Lloyd Miller; Vice President, Construction, Anthony P. Falotico; Vice President, Administration/Corporate Public Relations, Despina F. Page; Vice President, Finance, M. J. Morrow

30 Insignia/ESG Retail Group 3100 Monticello, Suite 400 Dallas, TX 75205 Ph.: 214/525-2000 Fax: 214/525-2098 Website: Total GLA Managed: 18,162,520 sq.ft. President, Louis V. Gennarelli; Sr. Managing Director, Fred Meno

31 R D Management 810 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10019 Ph.: 212/265-6600 Fax: 212/459-9133 Total GLA Managed: 17,869,613 sq.ft. President, Walter R. Samuels; Vice President, Development, Rick Birdoff; Vice President, Management and Leasing, MaryAnn Savarese; Vice President, Operations and Construction Director, Charles Messi

32 Heitman Retail Properties/ Heitman Capital Management 180 N. LaSalle St., Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601 Ph.: 312/855-5700 Fax: 312/855-2285 Total GLA Managed: 17,725,964 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Robert Perlmutter; Exec. Vice President, Operating Properties, Jim O'Brien; Exec. Vice President, New Business, Lori Wittman; Exec. Vice President, Property Management, Virgil Bonifazi; Sr. Vice President, Development/Legal, Rick Metzner; Sr. Vice President/Controller, Terri Johnson; Sr. Vice President, Construction, Mark Bethel; Vice Presidents, Regional Leasing Directors, Gray Englebert, Karen Land and Todd Star; Director of Corporate Marketing, Chelsie Petereit

33 Vornado Realty Trust Park 80 West, Plaza II Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Ph.: 201/587-1000 Fax: 201/587-0600 Total GLA Managed: 17,183,882 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Steven Roth; President, Michael D. Fascitelli; Vice President, Real Estate, Richard T. Rowan; Vice President and CFO, Joseph Macnow; Director of Acquisitions, Todd Bassen; Director of Property Management, Albert J. Zubcak; Construction Director, John V. Kundrat

34 Aronov Realty 3500 Eastern Blvd P.O. Box 235000 Montgomery, AL 36116 Ph.: 334/277-1000 Fax: 334/272-0747 Total GLA Managed: 17,066,459 sq.ft. Sr. Vice President, Owen Aronov; Sr. Vice President, Development, Frank Johnston; Vice President, Director of Leasing, Marcus Bruchis

35 LaSalle Partners 200 E. Randolph Drive Chicago, IL 60601 Ph.: 312/782-5800 Fax: 312/782-4339 Website: Total GLA Managed: 14,785,180 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and CEO, Stuart L. Scott; President and COO, Robert C. Spoerri; CEO, LaSalle Partners Management Services, Charles K. Esler Jr.; Chairman, Management Services, Lizanne Galbreath; Exec. Vice President, Leasing and Management, Peyton H. Owen Jr.; Managing Director, John J. Minks

36 Regency Realty Corp. 121 W. Forsyth St., Suite 200 Jacksonville, FL 32202 Ph.: 904/356-7000 Fax: 904/634-3428 Total GLA Managed: 14,000,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and CEO, Martin E. Stein Jr.; Sr. Vice President, Development, John F. Euart; Vice Presidents, Asset Management, John R. Lambert, Patricia L. Pearlberg, Stanley R. Zippin; Vice President, Leasing, Floyd A. "Bud" Cruse; Managing Director, Operations, James D. Thompson; Marketing/P.R. Manager, Priscilla H. Goudreau; Construction Manager, Mark L. Momberg

37 Forest City Management Inc. 700 Terminal Tower Cleveland, OH 44113 Ph.: 216/621-6060 Fax: 216/263-4806 Total GLA Managed: 13,684,000 sq.ft. Co-Chairmen, Albert Ratner and Samuel Miller; President, CEO and COO, Charles Ratner; President and CEO, Forest City Commercial Group, James Ratner; COO, Forest City Commercial, David LaRue; President, Forest City Commercial, Shopping Center Division, Mark Randol; Vice President, Leasing, Mike Stevens; Marketing/P.R. Director, Nancy McCann; Commercial Construction President, Glenn Moenich

38 Excel Realty Trust Inc. 16955 Via Del Campo, Suite 120 San Diego, CA 92127 Ph.: 619/485-9400 Fax: 619/485-8233 Total GLA Managed: 13,672,992 sq.ft. President and CEO, Gary Sabin; Exec. Vice President and COO, Richard Muir; Sr. Vice President and CFO, David Lund; Sr. Vice Presidents, Graham Bullick and Ronald Sabin; Sr. Vice President, Corporate Counsel, Eric Ottesen; Sr. Vice President, Director of Acquisitions, Mark Burton; Vice President, Director of Leasing, John Visconsi; Vice President, Director of Operations, John Barry; Vice President, Development, Dave DeCoursey

39 Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust/Ramco-Gershenson Inc. 27600 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 200 Southfield, MI 48034 Ph.: 248/350-9900 Fax: 248/350-9925 Total GLA Managed: 13,498,615 sq.ft. Chairman and Trustee, Joel Gershenson; President, CEO and Trustee, Dennis Gershenson; Exec. Vice President and COO, Michael A. Ward; Exec. Vice President and Secretary, Richard Gershenson; Exec. Vice President and Treasurer, Bruce Gershenson; CFO, Richard J. Smith

40 The Mills Corp. 1300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22209 Ph.: 703/526-5000 Fax: 703/526-5111 Website: Total GLA Managed: 12,783,114 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Laurence C. Siegel; COO, Peter B. McMillan; Exec. Vice President, Development, James F. Dausch; Exec. Vice President, Management, Kent S. Digby; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, Judith Berson; Corporate Communications/P.R. Director, Susan A. Goyette

41 Westcor Partners 11411 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85028 Ph.: 602/953-6200 Fax: 602/953-1964 Total GLA Managed: 12,630,813 sq.ft. Chairman, Russ Lyon; President, Rob Ward; Exec. Vice Presidents, Wally Chester, Robert Williams and Jack Rasor; Exec. Vice President and CFO, Robert Mayhall; Sr. Vice President, Asset Management, William P. Whiteside

42 Wilmorite Inc. 1265 Scottsville Road Rochester, NY 14624 Ph.: 716/464-9400 Fax: 716/464-0706 Website: Total GLA Managed: 11,872,800 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Thomas C. Wilmot; Vice Chairman, David M. Jacobstein; Vice Chairman and CFO, John Anderson; Vice President, Development, Alfred W. Friedrich; Vice President, Management and Operations, James R. Wilmot; Vice President, Leasing, Robert J. Wilmot; Marketing/P.R. Director, John R. Kraus; Construction Director, James L. Backus

43 The RREEF Funds 875 N. Michigan Ave., 41st Floor Chicago, IL 60611 Ph.: 312/266-9300 Fax: 312/266-9346 Website: Total GLA Managed: 11,691,882 sq.ft. Managing Partner, Donald A. King Jr.; Partner In Charge, Property Management, Robert J. Navratil; Partner in Charge, Portfolio Management, Gerald E. Egan; Partner in Charge, Acquisitions, James D. King

44 Federal Realty Investment Trust 1626 E. Jefferson St. Rockville, MD 20852 Ph.: 301/998-8100 Fax: 301/998-3704 Total GLA Managed: 11,230,796 sq.ft. President and CEO, Steven J. Guttman; Exec. Vice President and COO, Hal A. Vasvari; Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Catherine R. Mack; Sr. Vice President, Acquisitions, Robert S. Wennett; Sr. Vice President, Real Estate, Nathan P. Fishkin; Vice President, Development, Jack E. Heinemann; Vice President, Leasing, Jeanne T. Connor; CFO, Ron D. Kaplan; Vice President and Controller, Cecily A. Ward; Vice President, Property Management, Curtis Furgason; Director of Marketing, Meg Lacy; Vice President, Corporate Communications, Kathy Klein

45 Inland Real Estate Investment Corp./ Inland Commercial Property Management Inc. 2901 Butterfield Road Oak Brook, IL 60523 Ph.: 630/218-8000 Fax: 630/218-4935 Website: Total GLA Managed: 11,212,276 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Inland Real Estate Investment Corp., Robert D. Parks; President, Inland Commercial Property Management Inc., D. Scott Carr; Sr. Vice Presidents, Inland Real Estate Investment Corp, Patricia Challenger and Roberta Matlin; Vice President, Inland Commercial Property Management Inc., Kristi Rankin; Assistant Vice President, Inland Commercial Property Management Inc., Charles Cimmorelli

46 CenterAmerica Property Trust L.P. 3901 Bellaire Blvd. Houston, TX 77025 Ph.: 713/660-4300 Fax: 713/349-0901 Total GLA Managed: 11,173,598 sq.ft. President and CEO, Scott MacDonald; Exec. Vice President and General Counsel, Mike Axelrad; Exec. Vice President, Acquisitions, Gary Cunningham; Exec. Vice President and CFO, John Gilluly; Exec. Vice President and COO, Lamar Haggard; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, Charles Tex Spear; Vice President, Development, Dan Muniza; Vice President, Asset Management, Mike Tones; Vice President and Controller, Charlie Carver; Vice President, Leasing, Rom Michels; Vice President, Dallas Operations, Raymond Poche; Director, Corporate Marketing, Christine Baker

47 First Union Real Estate Management Inc. 55 Public Square, Suite 1900 Cleveland, OH 44113 Ph.: 216/781-4030 Fax: 216/781-1051 Total GLA Managed: 11,074,533 sq.ft. Chairman, President and CEO, James C. Mastandrea; Exec. Vice President and Retail Director, Dan Nixon; Asst. Vice President, Retail Operations, Earl Dorsett; Vice President, Leasing, Western Region, Bill Robbins; Vice President, Leasing, Eastern Region, Gary McEnteer

48 Cencor Realty Services Inc. 3102 Maple Ave., Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75201 Ph.: 214/954-0300 Fax: 214/953-0860 Website: Total GLA Managed: 10,500,000 sq.ft. President, Jerold Grubstein; CEO, Herbert D. Weitzman; Director, Property Manager, Linda Jackson; Development Partners, David Wilson, David Palmer and Raymond Poche; Cencor - Austin, Tom Terkel; Cencor - Houston, George Weatherall; Cencor - San Antonio, Mike Birnbaum

49 Corporate Property Investors 305 East 47th St. New York, NY 10017 Ph.: 212/421-8200 Fax: 212/745-9830 Total GLA Managed: 10,440,000 sq.ft. Chairman and CEO, Hans C. Mautner; President, Mark S. Ticotin; Sr. Vice President and CFO, Michael Johnson; Sr. Vice Presidents, Asset Management, G. Martin Fell and J. Michael Maloney; Vice President, Leasing, Bruce Tobin; Vice President, Development, David Mack; Vice President, Operations, William Bintzer

50 JP Realty Inc. 35 Century Park Way Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Ph.: 801/486-3911 Fax: 801/486-7653 Website: Total GLA Managed: 10,433,421 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and CEO, John Price; President, G. Rex Frazier; Vice President, Development and Leasing, Thomas L. Mulkey; Vice President, Management and Operations, Greg Curtis; Vice President and CFO, M. Scott Collins; Marketing/P.R. Director, Phil Vise; Construction Director, Terry Bybee

51 J. J. Gumberg Co. 1051 Brinton Road Pittsburgh, PA 15221-4599 Ph.: 412/244-4000 Fax: 412/244-9133 Total GLA Managed: 10,337,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Stanley R. Gumberg; President and CEO, Ira J. Gumberg; Vice Chairman and COO, Lawrence N. Gumberg; Exec. Vice President, John E. Kramer; Sr. Vice President and CFO, William R. Clarkson; Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, James D. Murphy; Vice President and Director, Construction and Retail Operations, Edward J. Ponczak; Vice President and Director, Retail Leasing, D. J. Czerwinski; Vice Presidents and Directors, New Business, Charles A. Donald and Alfred R. Reitano

52 Fletcher Bright Co. 537 Market St., Suite 400 Chattanooga, TN 37402 Ph.: 423/755-8830 Fax: 423/756-1780 Website: Total GLA Managed: 10,134,426 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Fletcher Bright; President, George T. Bright; Vice President, Management and Operations, Clifford G. Martin; Vice President, Leasing, Steve C. Long; Marketing/P.R. Director, Audeline Phillips

53 Konover & Associates Inc. 2410 Albany Ave. West Hartford, CT 06117 Ph.: 860/232-4545 Fax: 860/523-9180 Website: Total GLA Managed: 10,066,872 sq.ft. Chairman, Simon Konover; President and CEO, Michael Konover; Exec. Vice President and COO, R. Michael Goman; Exec. Vice President, Development, Richard D. Cohen; Vice President, Property Management, Lisa Whitney; Exec. Vice President, Acquisition, Disposition and Redevelopment, Alan E. Smith; Vice President, Leasing, John Anderson; Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Judith R. Rosenthal; President and COO, Konover Construction Corp., Michael Kolakowski; Vice President, Konover Capital Group, Richard Liljedahl

54 Horizon Group Inc. 5000 Hakes Drive, P.O. Box 510 Muskegon, MI 49443 Ph.: 616/798-9100 Fax: 616/798-5100 Website: Total GLA Managed: 9,971,400 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Norman Perlmutter; President/CEO, James Wassel: Vice President, Operations, Paul Comarato; Vice Presidents, Leasing, Gary Duncan, Bob Marona and Sue Pendleton; Marketing, Steve Moore; P.R., Pam Mettler

55 Don M. Casto Organization 209 E. State St. Columbus, OH 43215 Ph.: 614/228-5331 Fax: 614/469-8376 Total GLA Managed: 9,898,869 sq.ft. Partners, Don M. Casto III and Frank S. Benson III; General Counsel, Harley Schofield; Vice President, Leasing, Steven Friedman; Marketing/P.R. Director, Diane Zibell; Construction Director, Thomas D. Reed

56 Alexander Haagen Properties Inc./ Haagen Property Management Inc. 3500 Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Ph.: 310/546-4520 Fax: 310/546-6798 Total GLA Managed: 9,618,112 sq.ft. Chief Executive Officer (Interim), Edward D. Fox; Chief Financial Officer, Stuart S. Gulland; Sr. Vice President, Leasing/Acquisitions/Development, Fred Bruning; Sr. Counsel, Steven Jaffe; Vice President, Operations/Management, Patricia DeAngelis; Vice President, Design/Construction, Christopher Fahey

57 The Festival Companies 1725 Cloverfield Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 Ph.: 310/264-9900 Fax: 310/264-9910 Total GLA Managed: 9,352,850 sq.ft. President, Richard Arfa; Sr. Vice President, Karen E. Kennedy; CFO, Stuart Mercer; Vice Presidents, Daniel Goldberg, Lori Jones and Sharon Courtway; Consultants, Mark A. Schurgin and Rosalind J. Schurgin

58 Mid-America Asset Management Inc. 2 Mid-America Plaza, Suite 330 Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Ph.: 630/954-7300 Fax: 630/954-7306 Total GLA Managed: 9,312,051 sq.ft. Vice President, Management, C. Michelle Panovich; Vice President, Leasing, Richard E. Spinell

59 Rosen Associates Management Corp. 333 Jericho Turnpike Jericho, NY 11753 Ph.: 516/822-5350 Fax: 516/433-3821 Total GLA Managed: 9,274,050 sq.ft. Chairman and President, Robert A. Rosen; Exec. Vice President, Florence Rosen; Vice President, Leasing, and Principal, David Rosen; Leasing Manager, John Josephs; Development and Acquisitions, Peter Gruber and Michael Winters; Management, Robert Scholem and Kelly Sadowski; Marketing/P.R. Directors and Leasing, Josh Weinkranz and Michelle Belfiore; Construction Director, Charles Burkert; Controller, Peter Varou

60 Colonial Properties Trust (formerly Colonial Realty L.P.) 2101 Sixth Ave. North, Suite 750 Birmingham, AL 35203-2764 Ph.: 205/250-8700 Fax: 205/250-8890 Website: Total GLA Managed: 8,895,734 sq.ft. President and CEO, Thomas H. Lowder; CFO, Howard B. Nelson Jr.; Exec. Vice President, Retail, John N. Hughey; Sr. Vice President, Retail Management, John L. Moss; Sr. Vice President, Retail Leasing, Paul C. Glascock; Vice President, Construction, Bill McReynolds

61 Bradley Real Estate Inc. 40 Skokie Blvd., Suite 600 Northbrook, IL 60062-1626 Ph.: 847/272-9800 Fax: 847/480-1893 Total GLA Managed: 8,643,523 sq.ft. President and CEO, Thomas P. D'Arcy; Sr. Vice President, Marianne Dunn; Exec. Vice Presidents, Richard L. Heuer and E. Paul Dunn; CFO, Vice President, Irving Lingo Jr.; Vice President, Allen R. Reichstadt; Vice President, Leasing, Steven St. Peter; Vice President, Construction, Frank J. Comber

62 National Realty & Development Corp. 3 Manhattanville Road Purchase, NY 10577-2117 Ph.: 914/694-4444 Fax: 914/694-5448 Total GLA Managed: 8,514,704 sq.ft. Chairman, Robert C. Baker; President and COO, Richard A. Baker; Mng. Director, Property Management, Joseph Guidos; Mng. Director, Retail Leasing, Clifford N. Simon; Marketing/P.R. Director, Lisa Agresta; President, Regional Construction, Stephen A. Levine

63 Goodman Segar Hogan Hoffler GVA World Trade Center, 101 W. Main St., Suite 900 Norfolk, VA 23510 Ph.: 757/627-0661 Fax: 757/627-1901 Total GLA Managed: 8,500,000 sq.ft. Vice Chairman, D. Richard Felker II; CEO, Jerry L. Moore; Exec. Vice President, Deborah K. Stearns; Sr. Vice President, Property Management, Bruce Ford; Sr. Vice President, Retail Services, Sharon Ryals-Taylor; Marketing Director, Cynthia Long; General Manager, GSHH Construction, Eric Apperson

64 Jim Wilson & Associates Inc. 4121 Carmichael Road, Suite 501 Montgomery, AL 36106 Ph.: 334/260-2500 Fax: 334/260-2533 Total GLA Managed: 8,446,349 sq.ft. President, James W. Wilson Jr.; Sr. Vice President, Operations, Carl J. Bartlett Jr.; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, LeRoy McEntire; Sr. Vice President, Construction, Robert Scarbrough; Vice President, Finance, James W. Wilson III

65 JDN Realty Corp. 3340 Peachtree Road, NE Suite 1530 Atlanta, GA 30326 Ph.: 404/262-3252 Fax: 404/364-6444 Total GLA Managed: 8,100,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, J. Donald Nichols; President, Elizabeth L. Nichols; CFO, William J. Kerley; Vice President, Development, Sheldon Whittelsey; Vice President, Property Management, Leilani L. Jones; Vice President, Leasing, David L. Henzlik; Controller, John D. Harris Jr.

66 Brandywine Real Estate Management Services Corp. 2 Ponds Edge Drive Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Ph.: 610/388-9600 Fax: 610/388-9616 Total GLA Managed: 8,070,072 sq.ft. CEO, Bruce E. Moore; President, Phillip C. Giovinco; President, Development, Joseph W. Gaynor; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Jack J. Russo; Sr. Vice President, Construction, Keith Cherry

67 IRT Property Co. 200 Galleria Parkway Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30339 Ph.: 770/955-4406 Fax: 770/612-9030 Total GLA Managed: 7,937,890 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Donald W. MacLeod; President and CEO, Thomas H. McAuley; Exec. Vice President, Management and Leasing, Robert E. Mitzel; Exec. Vice President and CFO, Mary M. Thomas; Exec. Vice President, Legal and Acquisitions, W. Benjamin Jones III; Vice President, Construction and Development, Daniel F. Lovett

68 The Price REIT Inc. 145 S. Fairfax Ave. 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036 Ph.: 213/937-8200 Fax: 213/937-8175 Website: Total GLA Managed: 7,756,000 sq.ft. President and CEO, Joseph K. Kornwasser; Sr. Exec. Vice President, Jerald Friedman; Exec. Vice President, Lawrence Kronenberg; Sr. Vice President, Management, Maria Santigate; Vice President, Leasing, Joseph Lane; Marketing Director, Lillian Somerville

69 Midland Group 12655 Olive Blvd., Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141 Ph.: 314/576-1900 Fax: 314/576-7005 Total GLA Managed: 7,726,777 sq.ft. President, Lee S. Wielansky; Exec. Vice President, Leasing, Joseph H. Apter; Exec. Vice Presidents, Development, Ned M. Brickman (Milwaukee), Rodney K. Jones, Stephen M. Notestine; Sr. Vice President, Property Management, Bart J. Margiotta; Vice President, Construction, Richard D. Sims; Marketing Coordinator, Patricia L. Riney

70 CNM Associates 950 E. Paces Ferry Road, Suite 900 Atlanta, GA 30326 Ph.: 404/869-2700 Fax: 404/869-7171 Total GLA Managed: 7,676,452 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Ben Carter; President, Paisley Boney; Sr. Vice Presidents, Asset Management, Richard Markham and Louis Grabowski; Sr. Vice Presidents, Property Management, Frasier Smith and Steve Cooper; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Jackie Wammock; Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Sue Hampel; Vice President, Asset Management, Vicky Boyce

71 S. R. Weiner and Associates Inc./ WS Development Associates L.L.C. 1330 Boylston St. Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 Ph.: 617/232-8900 Fax: 617/738-1628 Total GLA Managed: 7,608,324 sq.ft. President, Stephen R. Weiner; Exec. Vice President and COO, Thomas J. DeSimone; Vice President, Development, Robert Frazier; Center Management and Operations, Albert J. Rocco; Director, Leasing, Lee Anne Klemyk; Marketing/P.R. Director, Robert Gottlieb; Project Director, Construction, William Ellis

72 Donahue Schriber 3501 Jamboree Road Suite 300, South Tower Newport Beach, CA 92660 Ph.: 714/854-2100 Fax: 714/854-4251 Total GLA Managed: 7,465,300 sq.ft. Chairman, Daniel W. Donahue; President, Thomas L. Schriber; CFO, Bryan McGowan; Sr. Vice Presidents, Patrick S. Donahue and Donald Howard; Vice President, Leasing, Candace K. Rice; Vice President, Marketing, Judi Lapin; Vice President, Development, Bradford B. Deck; Vice President, Construction Management, Mark Whitfield; Vice President, Acquisitions, William Harp; Vice Presidents, Property Management, Elizabeth Schreiber and Deborah Frost, Vice President, Development Services, Jan Petersen

73 MEPC American Properties 15303 Dallas Parkway Suite 400, LB 5 Dallas, TX 75248 Ph.: 972/980-5000 Fax: 972/980-5092 Website: Total GLA Managed: 7,459,755 sq.ft. President, David S. Gruber; Exec. Vice President and COO, Donn M. Fuller; Exec. Vice President and CFO, Peter Johnson; Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Chan Chandler; Vice President, Retail Leasing, Joel Blaisdell; Vice President, Development and Construction, Steve Dahm; Vice President, Property Management, Western Region, David Carlson; Vice President, Property Management, Eastern Region, Rick Weiblen

74 Levin Management Corp. 893-917 Route 22 West North Plainfield, NJ 07060 Ph.: 908/755-2401 Fax: 908/756-6757 Total GLA Managed: 7,415,139 sq.ft. President, Janice H. Levin; COO, William A. Farber; Deputy COO, Matthew K. Harding; Vice President and CFO, Harold Harris; Vice President and General Counsel, Evelyn Leonard; Vice President, Development, Stanley Ehrman; Vice President, Property Management, Robert Carson

75 EBL&S Property Management Inc. 230 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19102 Ph.: 215/790-4700 Fax: 215/790-4732 Total GLA Managed: 7,357,065 sq.ft. President, Edward B. Lipkin; Vice President, Operations, David Simon; Vice President, Leasing, Howard Levy; Construction Director, Michael Fedak

76 Mark Centers Trust P.O. Box 1679 Kingston, PA 18704 Ph.: 717/288-4581 Fax: 717/288-1028 Total GLA Managed: 7,200,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and CEO, Marvin L. Slomowitz; COO, David S. Zook; CFO, Joshua Kane; General Counsel, Steve Pomerantz; Construction Director, Tony Mazonkey

77 Vestar Property Management 2425 E. Camelback Road Suite 750 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Ph.: 602/866-0900 Fax: 602/955-2298 Total GLA Managed: 7,113,683 sq.ft. President, Lee T. Hanley; Sr. Vice President, Richard J. Kuhle; Vice President, David J. Larcher; Vice President, Construction, J. Paul Rhodes; CFO, Peter Thomas; Director, Property Management, R. Patrick McGinley; Leasing Director, Richard Hearn

78 The Woodmont Cos. 6500 West Freeway, Suite 900 Fort Worth, TX 76116 Ph.: 817/732-4000 Fax: 817/735-4738 Total GLA Managed: 7,061,910 sq.ft. CEO, Thomas F. Hodge Jr.; President, Stephen Coslik; President, Property Management Co., Elizabeth C. Trocchio; Exec. Vice President, Retail and Leasing, Fremon Baker; Exec. Vice President, Retail and Office, David Cason; Exec. Vice President, Retail and Industrial, Karen L. Simon; President, Ridgmar Construction Co., Rick Machak

79 Belz Enterprises 100 Peabody Place, Suite 1400 Memphis, TN 38103 Ph.: 901/260-7265 Fax: 901/260-7378 Total GLA Managed: 7,047,279 sq.ft. Chairman Emeritus, Philip Belz; Chairman, Jack Belz; Presidents, Ron Belz and Marty Belz; Sr. Vice Presidents, Jerry Hanover and Andy Groveman; CFO, Jimmie Williams; Vice President, Asset Management Director, Irvin Skopp; Vice President, Brokerage, and Leasing Director, Morris Thomas; Vice President, Factory Outlet Mall Leasing Director, John Ellis; Vice President, John Dudas; Marketing Director, Jeff Gaudino

80 Kranzco Realty Trust 128 Fayette St. Conshohocken, PA 19428 Ph.: 610/941-9292 Fax: 610/941-9193 Website: Total GLA Managed: 7,044,788 sq.ft. President and CEO, Norman M. Kranzdorf; Vice President, Acquisitions, J. Michael Warrington; Vice President and CFO, Robert Dennis; Vice President, Operations, Bengt Danielsson; Vice President and COO, Edmund Barrett; Vice President and Director of Information Systems, Michael W. Kranzdorf; Marketing/P.R.Director, Hermie Kranzdorf; Leasing Director, George Demuth

81 Hicks & Rotner Retail Inc. 1313 York Road, Suite 300 Lutherville, MD 21093 Ph.: 410/823-4250 Fax: 410/823-5016 Total GLA Managed: 7,035,200 sq.ft. President and Chairman, Richard E. Rotner; Vice Presidents, Douglas W. Hicks, Edward T. Goldmeier, George L. Collins, Marc J. Katz, David A. Ward, Donald J. Dietz, Lawrence B. Hoffman, Susan B. Anderson, Charlie Phelps and Carole B. Hamlin

82 Hollis & Associates Inc. 2257 F Larkspur Landing Circle Larkspur, CA 94939 Ph.: 415/461-4365 Fax: 415/461-0521 Total GLA Managed: 7,007,730 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and President, Peter J. Hollis; Sr. Vice President, Steve Bowers; Vice Presidents, Management, Henry Lichtman, John Gabriel and R.W. Recknor; Vice President, Marketing/P.R., Georgia Hare; Leasing Manager, Matt Krupp; Construction Directors, Andy Fisher and Dave Villalobos

83 The Carlson Company 125 E. Baker St., Suite 230 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Ph.: 714/445-0280 Fax: 714/241-7128 Total GLA Managed: 6,956,000 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Paul E. Carlson; President, Terry Barringer; Vice President, Operations, Dee Pfeiffer; Vice President, Leasing, Todd Arnold; Controller, Greg Woods; Construction Director, Audie Michael

84 Breslin Realty Development Corp. 500 Old Country Road Garden City, NY 11530 Ph.: 516/741-7400 Fax: 516/741-7128 Total GLA Managed: 6,322,000 sq.ft. President, Wilbur F. Breslin; Exec. Sr. Vice President, Paul Berger; Vice President, Operations and Leasing, Ken Breslin; Controller, Martin Schackner; Construction Director, Marvin Almas

85 Noddle Development Co. 1125 S. 103rd St., Suite 780 Omaha, NE 68124 Ph.: 402/391-1616 Fax: 402/391-2546 Total GLA Managed: 6,300,969 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Harlan J. Noddle; President, Joseph Kirshenbaum; Exec. Vice President, Barbara Kelly Bredthauer; Vice President, Construction, Jary J. Phillip; Vice President, Leasing, Dale Novacek

86 Stirling Properties 109 Northpark Blvd., Suite 300 Covington, LA 70433 Ph.: 504/898-2022 Fax: 504/898-2077 Total GLA Managed: 6,255,233 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and CEO, James E. Maurin; President, Gerald E. Songy; Exec. Vice President and COO, Martin A. Mayer; Exec. Vice President, Lewis W. Stirling III; Vice President, Marketing Research, Donna L. Derokey

87 Gumberg Asset Management Corp. 3200 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 Ph.: 561/537-2700 Fax: 561/568-5340 Total GLA Managed: 6,205,161 sq.ft. President and CEO, Andrew D. Gumberg; Exec. Vice President, Sonya B. Etessam; Vice President, Corp. Development, Louis D. Cohen; Vice President and Director, Leasing, Robert B. Saffran

88 Malan Realty Investors Inc. 30200 Telegraph Road, Suite 105 Birmingham, MI 48025 Ph.: 248/644-7110 Fax: 248/644-7880 Total GLA Managed: 6,102,882 sq.ft. President and CEO, Anthony S. Gramer; Vice President, Michael Kaline; CFO, Elliott Broderick; Director, Leasing, David Darling; Director, Property Management, Alan K. Warnke

89 Mall Properties Inc. 654 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10021 Ph.: 212/935-1330 Fax: 212/832-5369 Total GLA Managed: 6,064,954 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board and President, Morton L. Olshan; Exec. Vice President, Richard P. Steinberg; Vice President, Leasing, Craig D. Samson; Construction Director, Joseph Giantomaso

90 Tanguay-Burke-Stratton 321 N. Clark St., Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60610 Ph.: 312/245-5050 Fax: 312/245-5033 Total GLA Managed: 6,064,130 sq.ft. Managing Principal, Mark H. Tanguay; Managing Principal, Corporate Services, Steven F. Stratton; Principal, Property Management, Karen P. Szewezyk; Managing Principal, Investment Services, Brad A. McNealy; Principal, Retail Leasing, Michael R. Wesley; CFO, Justin Stanley

91 Terranomics Retail Services Inc. 455 North Point San Francisco, CA 94133 Ph.: 415/474-6100 Fax: 415/771-1115 Total GLA Managed: 6,054,688 sq.ft. President and CEO, Richard C. Scott; Sr. Managing Director, Management and Development Services, Ralph S. Epstein; Sr. Managing Director, National Accounts, Victor Fandel; Sr. Managing Director, Brokerage Services, Don Krieger; Managing Director, Property Services, Frank Sebastian; Director, Corporate Marketing, Gayle Randazzo; Managing Director, Asset Management, J. Scott Weaver; Managing Director, Acquisitions and Development, Lindley H. Miller

92 Net Properties Management Inc. 535 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116 Ph.: 617/247-2200 Fax: 617/267-4557 Total GLA Managed: 6,016,238 sq.ft. President, Thomas C. Prendergast; Sr. Property Manager, L. Joseph Baglio; Directors of Leasing, Kevin O'Shea and Robert Rechner; Director of Acquisitions, Anthony DeLucia

93 S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. P.O. Box 2491 Norfolk, VA 23501 Ph.: 757/627-8611 Fax: 757/640-2292 Total GLA Managed: 6,005,178 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, Alan B. Nusbaum; President, Miles B. Leon; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Richard M. Jacobson; Sr. Vice President, Development, Michael D. Gurley; Vice President, Shopping Center Management, Frank H. Cowling Jr.

94 La Cagnina & Associates Inc. 16027 Ventura Blvd., Suite 400 Encino, CA 91436 Ph.: 818/788-8080 Fax: 818/788-8879 Total GLA Managed: 6,000,000 sq.ft. President, Victor S. La Cagnina; Exec. Vice President, Anesta Pasch; Vice President, Leasing, John Porterfield; Vice President, Property Manager, Elizabeth Cangelosi; Controller, Virginia Dixon

95 Divaris Real Estate Inc. One Columbus Center, Suite 700 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Ph.: 757/497-2113 Fax: 757/497-1338 Total GLA Managed: 5,903,285 sq.ft. President, Gerald S. Divaris; Exec. Vice President, Michael B. Divaris; CFO, Sanford Cohen; First Vice President, Property Management, Jay D. Couch; Marketing/P.R. Director, Dona L. Hall

96 Intershop Real Estate Services 1100 Two Galleria Tower 13455 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240-6630 Ph.: 972/774-4100 Fax: 972/774-9291 Total GLA Managed: 5,807,288 sq.ft. Chairman, Charles R. Botta; Exec. Vice President and COO, David F. Collins; Sr. Vice President and CFO, Robert Mills; Vice President, Leasing, Joseph Gampper; Sr. Vice President, Acquisitions/Dispositions, Susan Routh

97 Madison Marquette Realty Services 706 Second Ave. South 900 Baker Building Minneapolis, MN 55402 Ph.: 612/333-6515 Fax: 612/334-3020 Total GLA Managed: 5,795,685 sq.ft. President, Greg T. Karlen; Vice President, Development, Dale Everson; Vice President, Management, L. Craig Estrem; Vice President, Asset Management, Paul Tucci; Vice President, Leasing, Jim Larson; Marketing/P.R. Director, Wendy Aaserud

98 Winmar Co. Inc. 700 Fifth Ave., Suite 2600 Seattle, WA 98104-5026 Ph.: 206/223-4500 Fax: 206/223-4565 Total GLA Managed: 5,718,050 sq.ft. President, Eddie L. Hendrikson; Sr. Vice President, Property Management, Ron Roberts; Sr. Vice President, Development, J. Randy Kyte; Sr. Vice President, Leasing, Richard M. Amidei; Vice President, Leasing, E. Robert Nelsen; Vice President, Corporate Marketing Director, David M. Stedman; Vice President, Administration, Richard S. Eichler

99 Saul Centers Inc. 8401 Connecticut Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Ph.: 301/986-6200 Fax: 301/986-6079 Total GLA Managed: 5,521,310 sq.ft. Chairman of the Board, B. F. Saul II; President, Philip D. Caraci; Vice President, Development, John Collich; Vice President, Management, Charles W. Sherren Jr.; Vice President, Leasing, Christopher H. Netter; Marketing/P.R. Director, Stephanie Pack; Construction Director, David Patalita

100 The L&B Group 8750 N. Central Expressway Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75231 Ph.: 214/989-0800 Fax: 214/989-0600 Total GLA Managed: 5,472,000 sq.ft. Chairman and President, M. Thomas Lardner; Exec. Vice President and COO, Daniel L. Plumlee; Shopping Centers Director, Kenneth Cooley; Asset Managers, Shopping Centers, Betty Smith, John Gerdes

Alexander Haagen Properties Inc./Haagen Property Management Inc. -- 56 Aronov Realty -- 34 Belz Enterprises -- 79 Benderson Development Co. Inc. -- 11 Bradley Real Estate Inc. -- 61 Brandywine Real Estate Management Services Corp. -- 66F Breslin Realty Development Corp. -- 84 CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc. -- 13 CBL & Associates Properties Inc. -- 16 CNM Associates -- 70 The Cafaro Co. -- 14 Cambridge Shopping Centres Ltd. -- 22 The Carlson Company -- 83 Cencor Realty Services Inc. -- 48 CenterAmerica Property Trust L.P. -- 46 Colonial Properties Trust -- 60 Corporate Property Investors -- 49 Crown American -- 28 Developers Diversified Realty Corp. -- 9 Divaris Real Estate Inc. -- 95 Don M. Casto Organization -- 55 Donahue Schriber -- 72 EBL&S Property Management Inc. -- 75 ERE Yarmouth Retail Group -- 8 Excel Realty Trust Inc. -- 38 Faison & Associates -- 15 Federal Realty Investment Trust -- 44 The Festival Companies -- 57 First Union Real Estate Management Inc. -- 47 First Washington Management Inc. -- 10 Fletcher Bright Co. -- 52 Forest City Management Inc. -- 37 General Growth Properties Inc. -- 2 Glimcher Realty Trust -- 23 Goodman Segar Hogan Hoffler GVA -- 63 Gumberg Asset Management Corp. -- 87 Heitman Retail Properties/Heitman Capital Management -- 32 Hicks & Rotner Retail Inc. -- 81 Hollis & Associates Inc. -- 82 Horizon Group Inc. -- 54 IRT Property Co. -- 67 Inland Real Estate Investment Corp./ Inland Commercial Property Management Inc. -- 45 Insignia/ESG Retail Group -- 30 Intershop Real Estate Services -- 96 JDN Realty Corp. -- 65 J. J. Gumberg Co. -- 51 JP Realty Inc. -- 50 Jim Wilson & Associates Inc. -- 64 Kimco Realty Corp. -- 5 Konover & Associates Inc. -- 53 Kranzco Realty Trust -- 80 Kravco Co. -- 29 The L&B Group -- 100 La Cagnina & Associates Inc. -- 94 LaSalle Partners -- 35 Levin Management Corp. -- 74 MEPC American Properties -- 73 The Macerich Co. -- 17 Madison Marquette Realty Services -- 97 Malan Realty Investors Inc. -- 88 Mall Properties Inc. -- 89 Mark Centers Trust -- 76 Mid-America Asset Management Inc. -- 58 Midland Group -- 69 The Mills Corp. -- 40 National Realty & Development Corp. -- 62 Net Properties Management Inc. -- 92 New Plan Realty Trust -- 24 Noddle Development Co. -- 85 Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust -- 27 The Price REIT Inc. -- 68 The Pyramid Cos. -- 20 R D Management -- 31 The RREEF Funds -- 43 Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust/ Ramco-Gershenson Inc. -- 39 Regency Realty Corp. -- 36 The Richard E. Jacobs Group Inc. -- 7 Rosen Associates Management Corp. -- 59 The Rouse Co. -- 4 S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. -- 93 S. R. Weiner and Associates Inc./WS Development Associates L.L.C. -- 71 Saul Centers Inc. -- 99 Simon DeBartolo Group Inc. -- 1 Stirling Properties -- 86 Tanguay-Burke-Stratton -- 90 The Taubman Co. -- 18 Terranomics Retail Services Inc. -- 91 Trammell Crow Co. -- 12 TrizecHahn Centers -- 21 Urban Shopping Centers Inc. -- 3 Vestar Property Management -- 77 Vornado Realty Trust -- 33 Weingarten Realty Investors -- 26 WellsPark Group -- 19 Westcor Partners -- 41 Westfield Corp. Inc. -- 6 Wilmorite Inc. -- 42 Winmar Co. Inc. -- 98 The Woodmont Cos. -- 78 Zamias Services Inc. -- 25

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