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The Mystery Of John Thain's Office Continues

Just what the heck did Stanley O'Neal do to his office?

Just what the heck did Stanley O'Neal do to his office? In John Thain's exculpatory interview with Maria Bartiromo regarding his $1.2 million office renovation, he defended the move, all but saying it was unusable in the state he found it. What the?

The mystery begins. Thain's titillating stuttered response in the excerpt below:

Bartiromo: "Why did you need to renovate the office? What was wrong with Stanley O'Neil's office?"

Thain: "Well—his office was very different—than—the—the general décor of—Merrill's offices. It really would have been—very difficult—for—me to use it in the form that it was in. And—you know, I—it needed to be renovated no matter what.

Anyone out there know what exactly it was about O'Neal's style that drove John Thain to such eccentric reaches as a $35,000 antique "commode on legs?"

(If you haven't seen the video by now, or want to watch it for the fifteenth time, here is Thain's interview with Maria Bartiromo.)

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