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How to Think About the Confusing and Sometimes Contradictory World of ESG Rankings speaks with expert Claire Veuthey on what financial advisors most need to know about ESG rating systems.



In Episode 2 of our limited series podcast on ESG ratings systems, we talk to Claire Veuthey, director of ESG and Impact at OpenInvest.

She has more than a decade of experience in ESG investing. Her expertise extends beyond ESG to include corporate engagement and gender lens investing. Prior to OpenInvest, she served as head of ESG on the Wells Fargo Social Impact Investing team, where she led development of the team's ESG investment and corporate engagement policies.

We start by having Claire define ESG investing as the intention to generate a beneficial social or environmental impact alongside positive financial results. From there she tells us what advisors most need to know about the ESG rating systems they are likely to use and how best advisors can in turn discuss this with their clients—and how to do so in an advantageous way.

With estimates of total global sustainable investments in the range of $30 trillion and estimates of around $17 trillion among those individual investors already using ESG elements or asset managers that do so on their behalf, there is no time like the present to increase your understanding of this area.

Listen to Episode 1, What Advisors Need to Know About ESG Ratings Systems, with Thomas Kuh of Truevalue Labs.



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