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Twenty Content Ideas for Financial Advisors

The quality of your content dictates whether people stop to read it and whether or not they like, comment or share it. 

The content opportunity on LinkedIn is real. Don’t believe me? Wrap your head around these two LinkedIn statistics. There are currently over 310 million monthly active users and only 3 million share content on a weekly basis.

The fact that LinkedIn has lots of users and not that many content creators is a good thing. It means your posts get more eyeballs (organic reach) than on other networks. By simply showing up and posting regularly, you’re able to reach your target audience.

But there’s another factor in your organic reach. The quality of your content dictates whether or not people stop in their feed to read it (measured in “dwell time”) and whether or not they like, comment or share it. All of these things influence the LinkedIn algorithm, which decides how widely your posts will be shared.

Coming up with creative content ideas is a challenge. Trust us, we do this every month for our social media clients. You want to blend personal and professional. The design matters. You’ve got to be timely. There are lots of variables. 

To help in your content creation journey, we’ve compiled 20 questions to ask yourself. Hopefully these will help you spark some creativity, add some value and entertain your network with high-quality content.

  1. What is the No. 1 question you get asked by prospects? Clients?
  2. How has your approach changed since you started as an advisor?
  3. How does one of your hobbies or interests relate to what you do?
  4. What should your ideal prospect be asking you but is NOT asking yet?
  5. What financial lessons could your audience learn from a famous person, TV show, song, etc.?
  6. What is your prospect most afraid of?
  7. What’s a personal trait that differentiates you from competitors?
  8. What are the top three things that are preventing prospects from hiring you?
  9. What is your ideal prospect embarrassed to admit?
  10. What’s an aspect of your life that you don’t skimp on?­­
  11. What’s a client story you can share (anonymously) that demonstrates your value?
  12. Why did you decide to become a financial advisor?
  13. What is a statistic that emphasizes the importance of how you help your clients?
  14. Why do you love being a financial advisor?
  15. What’s a lesson you’ve taught your children that relates to what you do?
  16. Who is a COI you could highlight?
  17. Is there a client charity or business you could call attention to?
  18. What team member could you recognize as a key contributor?
  19. What topics are most viewed on your website?
  20. What financial books have you learned the most from? What have they taught you recently?

This is just a starting point. The truth is, there are infinite content ideas, but hopefully the above gets your creative wheels turning. Having great content is becoming increasingly important in this crowded digital fight for attention. Invest the assets and time to get it right; you won’t regret it.   


Kevin Nichols is a partner with The Oechsli Institute, a firm that specializes in research and training for the financial services industry. @KevinANichols

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