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Nine Ways to Use Video Within Your Advisory Practice

Financial advisors should be using video for more than just updating clients on the markets.

There’s no doubt that the future is video, but when most financial advisors think of video they typically just consider one application—education. While that’s great, the opportunity for utilizing video within your practice is much greater.

Here are nine ways we’ve seen advisors utilizing video within their advisory business:

  1. Event Videos:

Hosting or attending an event? Consider creating a highlight reel of the experience. Film 15-second clips of your experience that can be used in editing. No one will watch your one-hour speeches from every partner at the company, but a highlight film will give your audience a taste of the experience!

  1. Humanizing Videos:

Not all videos have to be business focused. Consider shooting a few videos with your children, local sports teams, or sharing your hobbies with your viewers. Show your personal side and watch your reach grow.

  1. Personalized Sales Videos:

Sending messages to a specific niche on LinkedIn? Consider shooting a video specific to your audience. Need to follow up with a prospect who stopped responding? Consider shooting a video specifically for them and referencing them by name. When a video feels personalized, it’s more likely to get a response.

  1. Client Videos:

There are numerous opportunities to use video for clients. We’ve seen advisors shoot instructional videos on how to utilize their internal portal. We’ve also seen them use video to send quarterly investment updates.

  1. Service Videos:

Use video to highlight a superior level of service. If you’re working late hours, just drove to meet a client at their home, etc. consider shooting a video of you highlighting it.

  1. Process Videos:

Do you have a unique process you utilize with clients? Use video as a way to systematically walk them through how you do what you do.

  1. Educational Videos:

We hinted at this already, but these videos are great for building thought leadership and providing value to your audience. You’ll want to incorporate a heavy dose of them into your content mix. Don’t worry about giving too much information away, focus on value. Want to take it up another notch? Consider shooting videos you can put in the hands of your advocates to spread the message.

  1. Bio Videos:

It’s one thing to have photos of team members, it’s another to have video introducing yourself, your experience and more.

  1. Advertisement Videos:

If you’re planning to run a video ad through social media, consider shooting a video. They typically outperform static images and when people see a “face,” they typically build trust quicker.

This is just the beginning. As we continue to produce more videos for financial advisors, we’re witnessing the creative application grow. So, have some fun and utilize this communication medium for more than just an update on the markets.

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