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Mindy Diamond on Independence: Marketing Tips for Advisors From Megan Carpenter

FiComm's Megan Carpenter shares advice on what it takes to impact organic growth via marketing.

Legendary business consultant and author Peter Drucker said, “Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two—and only these two—basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

It’s a statement that any successful financial advisor and business owner can relate to.

Because a growing and sustainable business thrives on attracting new clients and continually engaging current ones.

Yet marketing itself can be a herculean task. It requires strategic planning, creative thinking, and consistent execution of a common purpose and voice. And as even we at Diamond Consultants can attest, it also demands a good dose of patience—because achieving desired results can take time.

That said, there’s plenty of valuable advice to learn, particularly from those who play in this sandbox every day.

In this episode, Louis Diamond welcomes Megan Carpenter, CEO of FiComm Partners, an award-winning integrated marketing firm focused on the independent wealth management space. They take a deep dive into the world of marketing a wealth management practice, including:

  • The evolution of marketing over recent years—and how these changes have impacted strategy and organic growth.
  • The importance of a clearly defined value proposition and brand—and why even employee advisors need to pay attention to how they are represented.
  • Understanding the term “growth” as it relates to marketing success—and why it’s vital first to identify your specific goals and objectives.
  • Tactics like email, video and social media—and how the most successful firms use each to maximize reach and efficacy, and ultimately drive organic growth.

Successful marketing is driven by true differentiation and demonstrating that authentically with consistency and in concert with client service activities. And, as Megan shares, the best endeavors are led by strategy, and, “when done well, there’s tremendous opportunity to impact growth through the lens of marketing.”

This is one episode with actionable advice for all advisors and independent business owners who have their sights set on maximizing their organic growth goals.

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