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Michael Kitces' #FASuccess Podcast: Roger Whitney's Niche Podcast Marketing Strategy

Michael Kitces talks to "Retirement Answer Man" Roger Whitney about how his podcast attracts affluent baby boomers transitioning to retirement and how he turns them into clients.


Welcome back to the 107th episode of Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

My guest on today’s podcast is Roger Whitney. Roger is a partner with WWK Wealth Advisors, an independent registered investment advisor based in Fort Worth, Texas, where Roger works with a personal client base of retirees with $75 million of assets under management.

What’s unique about Roger, though, is that he’s been able to attract almost $50 million of those assets in just the past two years by launching a niche podcast on retirement that attracts affluent baby boomers making the transition to retirement.

In this episode, we talk about the why and how Roger built his “Retirement Answer Man” podcast, the style and format of his podcast and what he’s found works to attract listeners, the way he transitions podcast listeners to a webinar that shows prospects a sample client meeting and then invites them to schedule a fit meeting, and the way he treats his podcast marketing strategy as an orchard to be nurtured and tended and not just a tactic to hunt for more retired clients, even though it’s generating a lot of retired clients for him anyway.

We also talk about how Roger focused his advisory firm to address the niche of working with retirees. Why his focus with clients is less about financial freedom and more about time freedom, his unique Agile Retirement Management approach to working with retirees that’s less about producing the comprehensive financial plan and more about producing what he calls a minimum viable plan and then engaging in constant iterations of what he calls SMART sprints to the next short-term goal or objective, and how despite being what he calls a classically trained financial planner, that most of Roger’s conversations today take more of a coaching approach with clients that focuses as much on human and social capital as on their financial capital.

And be certain to listen to the end, when Roger shares how the success of his podcast has now evolved into publishing a book called Rock Retirement and creating what he calls the Rock Retirement Club as a way to serve the subset of his listeners who will never realistically hire him to be their financial advisor but are willing to pay to join a community he’s created that helps support them in their own do-it-yourself journey through retirement.

So whether you’re interested in getting started with podcasting (or building a content-marketing strategy), how Roger attracts new clients and builds business through his podcast, why he creates content only for a very specific audience, or how he handles the compliance side of the equation, we hope you enjoy this episode of Financial Advisor Success!

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