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Jolt! 2022: Francesca McLin on Making Emotional Connections in Advisor Marketing

Connecting with a financial advisor audience.


In this video, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief and executive director of content,, and Francesca McLin, chief content officer, Snappy Kraken, take a deep dive into the content strategies that advisors can rely on to connect with their target audience.

David and Francesca discuss:

  • What advisors can expect from a well-developed content strategy.
  • How advisors need to get out of their own way to avoid the “I’m-not-a-creative-person” excuse when it comes to original content and marketing.
  • The importance of targeting your marketing toward audiences in a specific niche, location or affinity group.
  • What advisors get wrong with content marketing and solutions to avoid the pitfalls.
  • How long it takes to see a content strategy start to pay off.

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