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Jolt! 2022: Emily Binder on the Power of an Advisor's Voice—Literally

Diving into the audio marketing strategy for advisors.


In this video, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief and executive director of content,, and Emily Binder, founder, WealthVoice, dive into how audio content is helping advisors rethink their digital marketing strategy.

David and Emily discuss: 

  • What WealthVoice does to help financial professionals amplify their content marketing strategies using voice-enabled devices.
  • Where voice-marketing trends are headed and how they are increasingly an important component to an overall content strategy.
  • Tips to repurpose existing content from a social or email campaign into voice marketing to help ramp up quickly.
  • How multiple voice-enabled ecosystems and platforms will evolve, and how advisors can prepare.  

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TAGS: Technology
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