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Jolt! 2022: Diana Cabrices on Future Advisor Marketing Trends

Why is a financial advisor marketing conference necessary? Snappy Kraken breaks it down.


In this video, Timothy D. Welsh, president, Nexus Strategy, and Diana Cabrices, vice president of enterprise development, Snappy Kraken, discuss Snappy Kraken’s digital marketing and branding strategies, including its underrated text-messaging tool.

Tim and Diana discuss:

  • What Snappy Kraken does to help advisors in their marketing;
  • Snappy Kraken’s inaugural marketing conference and why it was necessary;
  • Key trends and takeaways from the Jolt! 2022 Conference — video marketing, text-based marketing, and authenticity in client communication; and
  • Snappy Kraken’s deal with Advisor Websites and how it enhances the business.

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