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Jolt! 2022: Akshay Singh on the Social Proof of Recommended Advisors in Light of the New SEC Marketing Rule

Indyfin on the new SEC marketing rule and digital testimonials from clients.


In this video, Timothy D. Welsh, president, CEO and founder of Nexus Strategy, sits down with Akshay Singh, president and CEO, Indyfin, to discuss the impact of a recent SEC ruling that enables advisors to collect digital testimonials from clients.

Tim and Akshay discuss:

  • The market focus of Indyfin.
  • How the game will change in prospecting for clients in light of the new SEC marketing rule.
  • The concept of zero marketing and how an advisor’s role will evolve in the near future.
  • What the disconnect is with compliance and its lack of focus on the SEC marketing rule. Is there any clearer path for compliance to get on board?
  • The emotional impact and connection that clients and advisors need to feel in order to become comfortable with one another.

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