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How to Master LinkedIn's Algorithm

Seven tips to get the biggest reach and most engagement for your posts.

It would be great if all of your posts were delivered to all of your contacts, but it doesn’t work that way. LinkedIn’s algorithm determines how widely your posts will be seen. Their mantra is “people you know, talking about the things you care about.”

From a user’s standpoint, it makes your newsfeed much more relevant and enjoyable. From a poster’s standpoint, it makes understanding LinkedIn’s logic really important. Here are seven tips for helping the algorithm work in your favor.

1. Engage others generally.

When you comment on or share other people’s posts, they notice and become more likely to engage with your posts in return. If you spend more time giving, you’ll get much more in return.

2. Engage others strategically.

When you engage with a prospect, key client or referral alliance, it signals to LinkedIn that you know each other. Since LinkedIn prizes “people you know,” this is a powerful way to make sure these key contacts see your future posts.

3. Generate comments and engage with them.

Comments are weighed more heavily than likes in LinkedIn’s algorithm. More comments equals more reach. Generate them by posting content that asks a questions like, “Which of these options would you choose” or “What’s been your experience with this?”

4. Reply to your comments.

When people comment on your posts, comment back to them every time. You may even want to do this more than once. Your first comment back could be “Thanks for sharing.” Then you might add another that says “I hope you and your boys are doing well.” Every interaction helps trigger the algorithm.

5. Solicit engagement directly.

Ask your friends and colleagues to engage with key posts when they launch. When it happens soon after your post goes live, it tells LinkedIn this is a post worth spreading.

6. Post content that is worthy of engagement.

This may be the most important tip in the list. If you’re auto-posting a bunch of canned content, good luck. This is the strategy of 90% of the advisors we see and it’s not effective. Raise your game with better graphic design and more personal posts.

7. Make your content snackable.

If you’re posting super-long videos or articles, the user has to do some work to determine whether or not to interact and what that interaction should be. If you’re posting “snackable” content like quotes, memes or quick videos, it’s much easier for them to engage and move on.

Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm is critical if you want to get the most reach out of your posts. The goal is to release consistent, high-quality content and for it to actually appear in the newsfeeds of your clients, prospects and centers of influence. This type of awareness and thought-leadership strategy takes effort but pays big dividends in the long run.


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