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Five Logo Tips from a Graphic Design Professor

A professor of graphic design shares insight into designing a successful logo for your firm.

By Ryan Russell

Think of an apple with a bite taken out of it or a sleek, black swoosh. What immediately comes to mind? Hopefully, Apple and Nike. This type of instant recognition is the ultimate purpose of a logo – to epitomize a business. A logo is the single most important graphical representation of a company, and a great logo could easily be the deciding factor that helps a potential new client choose your company rather than a competitor’s.

I’ve found that many advisors know the importance of a logo and want a great one, but don’t know exactly where to start. To help you begin your journey to finding the perfect logo, here are five logo tips for advisors.

Ryan Russell is the co-founder and designer of Twenty Over Ten, as well as a tenured associate professor of graphic design at Penn State’s Stuckeman School. 

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