The Affluent Marketing Challenge

The Affluent Marketing Challenge

Tracking your marketing habits can boost your activity by 20 percent. Here’s a 30-day plan for doing so. 

We’re all creatures of habit. If you doubt that, put this magazine down and fold your arms over your chest. Now refold them the opposite way. It’s challenging.

What are your marketing habits? Are you tracking them? Our studies have shown that the simple act of tracking your progress boosts your activity by 20 percent.

For that reason, we’re issuing a challenge. Track your activity for the next 30 days and post 100 points using our tracking system. We’ve assigned point values straight from our research to activities that elite advisors are using to bring in new affluent clients.

If you’re on a team, print this out and pass it around. It’s a great way to start a month-long sales competition.

Relationship Marketing

Some assume that the same old marketing campaigns they’ve used in the past will be effective with today’s affluent. But less than 4 percent of advisors are able to consistently acquire new clients.

Every activity in this 30-day, 100-point challenge could be classified as “relationship marketing,” which is precisely how 80 percent of today’s affluent discovered their advisor. Let’s say you were to do the following:

How does this stack up against what you were planning to do over the next 30 days?

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