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A 10 Minute LinkedIn Routine for Financial Advisors – Part 2 of 2

A 10 Minute LinkedIn Routine for Financial Advisors – Part 2 of 2

Finishing off our 10 minute LinkedIn routine, we want to make sure we generate awareness, look for rollover opportunities, and get face-to-face introductions.  These opportunities may not occur every time we use our LinkedIn routine – that’s okay!  However, if we want to drive business benefit, we must pursue face-to-face contact with connections and discover money in motion.

The following is a continuation from Part 1.

1.     Stay Top of Mind

a.    Updating your status on a regular basis keeps you in front of your connections by showing up in their newsfeed – this is an awareness strategy. Share articles you find interesting or other personal (but professional) updates.  If you have compliance approved posts, use them. Our recent research study on social media reveled that half of social media “Early Adopters” post using compliance approved materials.  Set a goal of at least three status updates per week.

2.     Follow a New Company

a.    Following companies on LinkedIn allows you to stay firmly on the pulse of new hires, promotions and departures.  For advisors, job changes often mean 401K rollovers.  Ask yourself if there are any companies you should be following and if so, start following.  Shoot for a goal of two new companies per week.

3.     Look for an introduction opportunity

a.     LinkedIn helps you understand the relationship between people you currently know and people you want to know.  Think about any client meetings you have coming up and if you are connected on LinkedIn, find someone you want to meet. This takes finesse, so make sure your sales skills are seamless or you may come across too salesy.   Ask for two introductions per week.

There are obviously many other things we can do on LinkedIn, but this is a great starting point. At first, this routine may take a little longer than 10 minutes, but once you get into the rhythm it will be much quicker.

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