Heckerling Conference Begins

Heckerling Conference Begins

Here's what's happening so far

It’s Day 1 of the Heckerling conference in Orlando, Fla. From what we can tell, attendees still seem to be absorbing the changes in the law.  There have been some unexpected implications, says our editorial advisory board member Martin Shenkman. For example, the power of attorney has taken on increased importance. It should no longer be an afterthought, but rather a well thought out document.

People seem very interested in hearing about portability and the step-up in basis rules. Fortunately, the first session included detailed information on just these issues. Others were interested in hearing about the ethical considerations that will be discussed at a special session on Thursday afternoon.

If you’re currently at the conference, stop by our booth (513-515) and let us know your thoughts about the conference.

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