Great Places to Invest in Start-ups

Great Places to Invest in Start-ups

As the American economy inches back from the brink of depression, employment statistics are improving across the United States with the help of new start-up companies. Don't expect large corporations to create jobs to get this recovery going: the source of our recovery will be the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in small business start-ups.

There are hundreds of great cities enticing investors to choose them for investment opportunities. With so many options and locations that investors can consider, here are just a few great places in the country that come to mind.



Home to the innovative concept Start-Up Weekend, Seattle Washington is a great place to invest. The concept is a 54-hour event hosted by various cities where creative developers, coders, and designers meet with marketing moguls and bean counters to create a viable start-up company in one weekend.

Visit to be see how this idea has already produced viable companies and continues to grow. Seattle has become known as the global capital for technology development and innovation, and with its port connections to Asia and the rest of the world, is a great city for financial investment.

Named one of the 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade by Kiplinger's, a number of globally recognized companies are based in Seattle including, Microsoft Corporation, Starbucks, and Boeing.


San Francisco

Another prime choice is San Francisco, California. The City by the Bay has long been an inspirational location to live and work. Home to global technology companies Adobe Software, Apple, eBay, Google, and Yahoo, San Francisco extends a warm welcome to technological developers. San Francisco is also a participant in the Start Up Weekend initiative.

Visit to learn more about the opportunities to turn inspiration into business. The well-known sites Craigslist, Twitter, and Yelp were all developed with the help of this highly receptive start-up business community. If you're looking to move here, make sure to consider getting storage units in San Francisco in order to make your move much simpler.



You might also consider starting a business in Denver, Colorado. Denver is a top choice for innovative start-ups and new business enterprises and is ranked third in job growth among major American cities. Recent legislation regarding recreational and medicinal use of marijuana has opened up an unconventional new opportunity for economic growth as well.

With its sports teams, growing economy, and majestic mountains, it's no wonder Denver makes the list of great places to invest. Visit to hear opportunity knocking.


Other Locales

You might also consider New Orleans, Louisiana. The city has rebuilt itself quickly from the devastating Hurricane Katrina and offers great incentives to attract start-up business opportunities. Las Vegas, Nevada also comes to mind as an ideal atmosphere for investments to thrive, as is Orlando, Florida. Both offer plenty of attractions, and each city was a part of the Start Up Weekend project.

A savvy investor might tour cities across the United States with Start Up Weekends for a bevy of entrepreneurs, ideas, and prospects for future start-up investments. Investors in any of the above cities will find, with just a bit of work, a great climate for business. 

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