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WMRE's Common Area: Where Alternative Investments Fit Within an Evolving Market

Sanctuary Wealth's Patrick McGowan comes on the podcast to discuss how the RIA is assessing alternative investment opportunities and structures.

There are a lot of reasons why alternatives have a place in investment portfolios. How are current market conditions influencing private equity, private real estate, private credit and other alternative assets?

In this episode, David Bodamer speaks with Patrick McGowan, head of alternative investments and manager research at Sanctuary Wealth, on assessing private equity and private real estate opportunities in a rapidly evolving market. Patrick reveals how Sanctuary is assessing the alternatives space.

Patrick discusses:

  • What alternative investments bring to wealth management client portfolios
  • How he holds honest conversations with clients worried about the impact of recent financial events on the market, including for private real estate
  • Where private equity lenders fit into capital markets given the problems facing banks 
  • Where do tax advantaged structures fit when assessing real estate investment opportunities


Connect With Patrick McGowan:

Connect With David Bodamer:

About Our Guest:

Patrick McGowan is a Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investments at Sanctuary Wealth. In this role, Mr. McGowan oversees a team responsible for all alternative investment matters including manager sourcing, due diligence, selection, and monitoring. He serves as a member of the Alternative Investment Committee.

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