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Common Area

WMRE's Common Area: Creating Balance Between Strong Income and Capital Appreciation

Clarion Partners' Rick Schaupp came on the podcast to talk about the firm's latest real estate investment fund and how it can fit into clients' portfolios.

Real estate investments aren’t new to portfolio planning. How does Clarion take the next step in providing alternative real estate investments that provide attractive yields and portfolio diversity?

In this episode, David Bodamer speaks with Rick Schaupp, Managing Director at Clarion Partners, about the Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund, how it fits within financial and investment planning and the services they are providing to other wealth managers and individual investors.

Rick discusses:

  • How a 40 ACT fund differs from other fund structures
  • How does his valuation process relate to how publicly traded REITs are market 
  • The shift in commercial real estate value depends on the type of property
  • Clarion’s process of sourcing investors and informing wealth advisors
  • And more


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