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8 Most Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

When the real estate market gets as active as it is right now, and the bidding gets competitive, it’s all too common for investors to lose their heads and buy up assets indiscriminately or overpay. (For reference, look at transaction records from years 2005 through 2007). This is especially true for those who may be new to the commercial real estate sector, or those trying to execute an investment strategy on their own. To help our readers identify which pitfalls they should look out for, we asked a few brokers and consultants to talk about the most common mistakes they see. Our sources included Robert J. M. Occhiogrossi, managing director with IVI Assessment Services, a CBRE Company; Christopher Macke, managing director of research and strategy with American Realty Advisors; and Nicholas Coo, senior managing director with Faris Lee Investments. As always, feel free to offer your own examples of common investor mistakes.

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