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2022 Year-in-Review: WMRE's Top Eight Podcast Episodes

A look back at some of the best conversations we had with commercial real estate pros in 2022.

Commercial real estate investment activity was chugging along at rapid clip for the first half of 2022. Then the Fed's attempts to stem inflation by rising interest rates suddenly threw the market into disarray. 

Through the year, we spoke with experts to gauge how the evolving market conditions affected accredited investors, family offices, institutions and other entities participating in commercial real estate. In the following gallery, we selected eight of our favorite episodes covering topics ranging from the single-family rental market to return to office trends to assessing how institutions and HNWIs were adjusting allocations to commercial real estate. 

To catch up on all our episodes, you can go here or here in addition to checking out the ones we have highlighted in the following gallery. 

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