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All-Channel Trend Report
Part 3: Advisors' Product Usage

Part 3: Advisors' Product Usage

Section 1: Investment Management

We constructed an investment product usage profile of the average advisor by combining allocation data from all advisors in each channel of the survey. This allowed us to compare how typical product utilization varies by channel. Not surprisingly, mutual funds are the most heavily utilized products with an average allocation ranging from 26-28% across the three channels. We do note some variation in usage of individual stocks and ETFs. Both W/R and RIA channels, at 14% and 11% respectively, are more likely to utilize stocks in client portfolios as IBD responses tallied only 8%. With respect to exchange traded funds, RIAs are more likely to use them; 12% of RIA client portfolios are allocated to ETFs compared to only 6% for W/R and 7% for IBD. Where the IBD channel differs from the others is in a higher usage of variable annuities and life insurance. Alternative vehicles, such as limited partnerships, currencies, and hedge funds, were all secondary priorities with low single-digit allocations. 

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