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CompanynbspWedbush SecuritiesnbspCategorynbspBrokerDealers less than 1000mdashSocial Media LeadershipnbspInitiativenbspWedbush Social Media Engagement CampaignnbspSocial media offers annbspopportunity for financial advisors to expand their reach and build brand recognition But in a highly regulated industry advisorsnbspoftennbspdonrsquot havenbspto produce compliantnbspbrandconsistentnbspcontent whilenbspworking with clients and running their practice

2016 Winner: Wedbush Securities

Wedbush is the winner of the Broker/Dealers less than 1,000—Social Media Leadership category.

​Company: Wedbush Securities 
Category: Broker/Dealers less than 1,000—Social Media Leadership 
Initiative: Wedbush Social Media Engagement Campaign 

Social media offers an opportunity for financial advisors to expand their reach and build brand recognition. But in a highly regulated industry, advisors often don’t have to produce compliant, brand-consistent content while working with clients and running their practices.  
Wedbush Securities 
partnered with a social media consultant on a solution: A firm-wide social media initiative that provides a stream of unique, curated and compliant content to share with their social networks. Items to share include insights about the financial world for clients, as well as information about the Wedbush brand.  

One-third of Wedbush’s advisors are currently using the program, and those users have seen a rise in social media engagement. For example, LinkedIn posts have achieved engagement rates between 0.65% and 0.75%—significantly higher than the industry standard of 0.05%.  

About the Company
Founded in 1955, Wedbush Securities is a leading investment firm that provides brokerage, clearing, investment banking, equity research, public finance, fixed income, sales and trading, and asset management to individual, institutional, and issuing clients. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with nearly 100 offices nationwide, the firm focuses on dedicated service, client financial safety, continuity, and advanced technology. Wedbush Securities is the largest subsidiary of holding company WEDBUSH, Inc., which also includes affiliated firms Wedbush Asset Management, Wedbush Capital Partners, Wedbush Opportunity Partners, and Lime Brokerage, LLC.

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Founder & President, Wedbush Securities

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