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Securities America

2016 Winner: Securities America

Securities America is the winner of the Broker/Dealers (1,000+ Advisors) Practice Management category.

Company: Securities America
Broker/Dealers (1,000+ Advisors) Practice Management
Initiative: Next Level with Revenue Diagnostics

Securities America’s revenue diagnostic tool includes a revenue by household report, practice performance predictors, assets by age report and two-hours of consultation with a Securities America practice management expert.  The goal is to protect and increase future revenue streams for advisors by getting better data around current revenue and finding new opportunities. Data gathered for eight classes held between 2008 and 2013 found that participants gathered on average 136% more assets in the 24 months after the program than they had in the 24 months before joining the program. Advisors who completed the program on average increased their AUM by 79% over a randomly selected control group. 

About the Company
At Securities America, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. That means we focus on doing business in a friendly, efficient and effective way, and our Midwestern work ethic drives us to go that extra mile to ensure the expectations of our advisors and their clients are being met. With more than 2,000 financial professionals nationwide, everything we do revolves around helping them deliver the best financial products, services and financial counsel to their clients.

We believe the independent support provided by our financial professionals plays a vital role in people’s lives. We’re proud to foster that independence, and we’re passionate about providing user-friendly, customer-driven technology, professional development resources, and extraordinary service that allows our advisors to excel. 

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President & CEO, Securities America

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