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2016 Winner: Metlife

MetLife is the winner of the Insurance Technology category.

Company: Metlife 
Category: Insurance Technology 
Initiative: Interactive Income Tool 

Illustrating the benefits of insurance products through “What if…” scenarios can help clients make informed decisions. Metlife’s new interactive income planner enables this kind of decision making by creating customized income case studies in minutes.  

The tool allows clients and financial advisors to create a visual representation of how a variable annuity with a living benefit rider could fit into an overall retirement portfolio. Available on both desktop and tablet devices, the Interactive Income Tool allows users to toggle back and forth between different market scenarios and withdrawal optionsseeing real-time changes based on those adjustments.   

The tool has received excellent feedback from the field. Advisors note that it’s helpful as both point-of-sale tool, and as a way to engage prospective clients in detailed product illustrations that might otherwise take too much time to conduct. 

About the Company
With over 145 years of experience, the MetLife companies are a leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection planning and retirement and savings solutions around the world. We have established a strong presence in nearly 50 countries through organic growth, acquisitions, joint ventures and other partnerships. We are strengthening our global brand by extending core products and competencies to markets around the world – an important driver of growth for the enterprise.

Around the world, the MetLife companies offer life, accident and health insurance, retirement and savings products through agents, third-party distributors such as banks and brokers, and direct marketing channels. We work with families, corporations and governments to provide them with solutions that offer financial guarantees in their lives. Our name is recognized and trusted by approximately 100 million customers worldwide.

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CEO, Metlife


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