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Live Oak Bank

2016 Winner: Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank is the winner of the Investment Banks/Lenders/Succession Planning Consultants category.

Company: Live Oak Bank 
Category: Investment Banks/Lenders/Succession Planning Consultants 
Initiative: Advisor to Owner: Enabling internal succession 

Many advisors want to sell their business to internal successors, but find that junior partners lack the funds necessary to buy into the business. Advisor to Owner, Live Oak Bank’s new staged succession program, makes an internal succession plan more feasible.  

The program combines financing with succession planning coaching. Junior partners can receive a series of conventional bank loans to finance the purchase of successive tranches of the business, combined with an SBA-backed buyout loan that rolls up the smaller loans at a better rate. In addition, senior partners can receive guidance on selling their business through Live Oak’s succession planning workshops.  

This financing option can help advisors develop a succession plan they believe is best for their clients, their business and their staff—without undue financial risk to themselves. 

About the Company
Live Oak Bank’s primary goal is financing small business growth nationwide. Since 2013, Live Oak has lent more than $300 million to independent investment advisors for acquisition, succession, transitions and growth.
 Advisor to Owner, Live Oak’s new succession financing program, is solving an industry-wide problem for firm founders: how to transition ownership to the next generation of advisors over time. Live Oak’s dedicated Investment Advisory team brings decades of experience in the financial services industry to bear when working with advisors. We understand the industry’s needs and best practices. Live Oak Bank also brings innovation and efficiency to the lending process. Our online Portal makes the application process faster, more timely and more predictable.

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Managing Director, Live Oak Bank


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