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Charles Schwab Investment Management

2016 Winner: Charles Schwab Investment Management

Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM) is the winner of the Asset Managers - Corporate Social Responsibility/Diversity category.

Company: Charles Schwab Investment Management
Category: Asset Managers - Corporate Social Responsibility/Diversity
Initiative: CSIM’s Women’s Advancement Initiatives

Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM) is working to shape the community, tools and conversation around women’s advancement. The firm’s initiatives are intended to ensure that women enter the financial field in greater numbers and advance to senior leadership positions at the same rate as men. Under the leadership of CEO Marie Chandoha, CSIM is one of a few firms with a female CEO and a workforce of nearly 50% women.

The company implemented a multifaceted program that targets women within CSIM and teaches them skills to advance their careers. In 2014 CSIM established the Women’s Network, which helps female employees demonstrate leadership capabilities. In the past year the Women’s Network has put on a number of events to advance progress toward this goal, including a panel of female ETF industry leaders for addressing 150 attendees about how to avoid a mid-career plateau; workshops with Ayana Ledford of Carnegie Mellon’s PROGRESS; and a series of sessions with Lori Mackenzie of Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

About the Company
As one of the nation's largest asset managers, Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM) manages money funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, sub-advised funds, asset allocation funds, and disciplined active funds. It also provides non-discretionary investment management and sub-advisor oversight services for Charles Schwab Bank Collective Trust Funds. Together, their products can equip investors with strong choices to help them meet their long-term objectives. Today CSIM has 96 funds and has $280B+ in assets under management*.

*As of March 31, 2016

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President & CEO, CSIM


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