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2016 Winner: Betterment for Business

2016 Winner: Betterment for Business

Betterment for Business is the winner of the 401(k) Retirement Plan Support Services category.

Company: Betterment for Business
Category:: 401(k) Retirement Plan Support Services 
Initiative: Betterment for Business 

Providers typically offer advice for 401(k) plan participants as an add-on service on top of the 401(k) platform and  the plan itself. Betterment for Business recently launched its newest business line, Betterment for Business (B4B). This platform handles the 401(k) process from start to finish, placing personalized advice at the center of the experience.  

More than 100 plan sponsors have adopted the platform in the three months since launch, with adopters ranging from small businesses to companies with hundreds of employees. Handling the 401(k) process from start to finish makes B4B efficient, enabling the company to charge the smallest plans only 60 basis points. 

About the Company
Betterment for Business is a revolutionary 401(k) that provides personalized investment advice for all participants. With Betterment for Business, we are bringing both efficient technology and personalized advice to 401(k)s so that employers can provide a benefit that’s truly a benefit, and employees can know that they’re invested correctly for retirement. We use smarter technology to give plan sponsors and participants a better 401(k) experience. We’re also one of the most efficient and cost-effective providers in the space.

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