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Ten Steps to Protect Sensitive Information This Holiday Season

'Don’t let this be the most wonderful time of the year for identity thieves.'

The combination of the holiday shopping season, the upcoming tax season and the pandemic creates additional opportunities for criminals to steal sensitive personal or finance information. Advisors and clients alike should take extra care.

The Internal Revenue Service recently warned taxpayers and tax professionals to beware of a dangerous combination of events that can increase their exposure to tax scams or identity theft.

"Don't let this be the most wonderful time of the year for identity thieves," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "The approach of the holidays and tax season increases risk for taxpayers and opportunities for criminals. We urge people to be extra careful with their personal and financial information during this period while shopping online or getting suspicious emails or text. Taking a few simple steps can keep people from becoming victims of identity theft and protect their sensitive personal information needed for tax returns and refunds."

To help taxpayers and tax professionals, the IRS offers these 10 basic steps everyone should remember during the holidays and as the 2022 tax season approaches:

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