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HNW Investors Fear the Retailpocalypse

Yet, they still maintain significant asset allocations to real estate.

Among high-net-worth individuals, allocations to hedge funds, stocks and private equity are increasing, while real estate continues a notable decline, according to TIGER 21.

In its recent “Q2 2018 Asset Allocation Report,” the networking group for ultra-high-net-worth creators and entrepreneurs reported that among its members’ allocations to stocks and hedge funds both increased by one percentage point to 24 percent, and 6 percent for the quarter.

On the other hand, real estate experienced a 3 percent decline over the quarter and now is down 6 percent from a year ago. This is the largest shift in allocation over the last year, likely influenced by the continuing “retailpocalypse” and the prospect of higher interest rates leading to higher cap rates and lower real estate prices. However, real estate remains the single largest allocation sector at 27 percent.

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