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Dead Celebrity Podcast: The Bizarre Case of Casey Kasem

In the first-ever episode of the Dead Celebrity podcast, senior editor David Lenok talks with Jim Dougherty about the lessons to be learned from the death of legendary radio deejay Casey Kasem.


In this inaugural episode of the Dead Celebrity podcast, we try to glean some lessons from the life and death of Casey Kasem. Host David Lenok and guest Jim Dougherty from Withers Worldwide discuss:

  • The importance of preparing the proper documents;
  • Why it’s crucial to update client information as their lives change;
  • What can go wrong when family members are not on the same page;
  • And more!

Learn about the issues faced by the Kasem family and why blended families can be difficult to manage in this episode of Dead Celebrity!

Listen to the podcast

The Dead Celebrity podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Android, Stitcher and wherever podcasts are found. 

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