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Celebrity Estates

Celebrity Estates: The National Football League and Lessons in Family Dynamics and Governance

Wilmington Trust's Alvina Lo delves into the complexities of NFL team ownership.

A close-knit network of family businesses, the NFL earns around $200 billion annually. On top of traditional family business within their individual branches, the NFL navigates those same financial planning connections between extended family members as well.

Join David Lenok and his guest Alvina Lo, chief wealth strategist at Wilmington Trust, as they delve into the complexities of the NFL as a family business, discussing succession planning, liquidity concerns, trust ownership and potential private equity involvement. 

David and Alvina discuss:

  • What are the common challenges encountered with liquidity and succession planning in family-owned businesses
  • How do NFL families navigate governance and control issues within their organizations
  • What effects does trust ownership have on estate planning challenges within the NFL
  • What are the potential consequences of permitting private equity involvement in the NFL
  • And more


Connect With Alvina Lo:

Connect With David Lenok:

About Our Guest:

Alvina Lo leads a national team of multidisciplinary experts who collectively offer objective and holistic advice to clients, with a specific focus on their wealth, family, and business concerns. The scope of advice encompasses family office services, financial planning, trusts and estates planning, tax planning, business succession planning, philanthropy, and wealth education for the next generation. Alvina and her team prioritize planning, and through their actionable advice, they guide clients from strategy through implementation.

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