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Celebrity Estates

Celebrity Estates: DMX and Planning for Blended Families

Rap superstar DMX left behind 15 children and a potential common law wife when he passed without a will in April 2021.


David Lenok is joined by John Pantekidis, chief investment officer and general counsel at TwinFocus, to discuss the struggles of determining inheritance with children from multiple partners and the legal and tax issues when children are taken into account.

With over 74 million records sold worldwide and a lucrative career that took him in many directions, Earl Simmons, better known as rapper DMX, died in April 2021. He left behind a complex inheritance scenario with 15 children and fiancée Desiree Lindstrom’s attempts to be recognized as his common-law partner through the courts.

In this episode, David and John address the laws and rights of partners, ex-wives and children in complex situations such as this.

They discuss:

  • How divorce can complicate relations and inheritance after death;
  • The importance of estate planning in all scenarios;
  • Why disinheritance can be a benefit;
  • and more.


Connect With John Pantekidis:


John Pantekidis

Twin Focus Capital Partners LLC


Connect With David Lenok:


[email protected]


About Our Guest:


John is a managing partner at TwinFocus and serves as the chief investment officer (CIO) and general counsel. John has been with the firm since January 2007, six months after the firm’s launch. In this role, he heads the firm’s investment research and complex tax planning efforts, working closely with clients to help them design and implement innovative family office structures.

As the firm’s CIO, he also leads research efforts to develop new and creative investment policies, oversees due diligence for manager search and selection, and plays a multifaceted role in guiding the firm’s private investment activities by identifying, negotiating, modeling and structuring deals from a fundamental investment and multigenerational perspective. John has also designed and implemented the firm’s sophisticated options overlay program.


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