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The 25 Best Residence-by-Investment Cities

If you could 'buy' any passport, which one is best?

The citizenship/residence-by-investment space has exploded in the past decade. High-net-worth individuals looking to acquire attractive foreign passports or relocate their businesses now find themselves spoiled for choice. But which locales are most desirable?

Henley & Partners in partnership with Deep Knowledge Analytics recently launched the Best Residence-by-Investment Cities for Business Index to answer that pressing question.

This unique new index ranks the leading 25 capitals and cities around the world where international entrepreneurs, company owners, professionals and HNWIs can acquire residence through investment migration programs. Spanning five regions, the index taps into over 1,000 data points and more than 40 different parameters and subparameters to rank the cities according to 10 main categories that represent the most pressing relocation considerations: lifestyle, tax, education, real estate, health care, security, infrastructure and stability, as well as COVID-19 safety and the relevant investment migration program.

Dominic Volek, group head of private clients at Henley & Partners, explains, “Along with seeking out new domicile options for their families, more and more investors are considering relocating their businesses. This trend had begun pre-pandemic, but it is accelerating. All 25 cities are proactively welcoming foreign investors, and while some are clearly leading the pack, each has its strengths and particular appeal.”

The five cities that take the top spots in the index—London, New York, Sydney, Singapore and Zurich—indicate the wide geographical range of available residence-by-investment program options.

Here are the 25 best residence-by-investment cities:

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