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The perfect candidate

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Sep 15, 2010 6:32 pm

This candidate:

Lied about getting a degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University.

House in foreclosure

Converted campaign funds to personal use including paying her rent

Failed to pay her campaign workers after pocketing the campaign funds.

Fired from a conservative organization for running her own business on company time

Does this sound like someone you'd want as your U.S. Senator?

Well, the republicans in Delaware just voted for this person, Christine O'Donnell, to be their candidate for Senate. O'Donnell was deservedly headed for the losers bracket, you know the place all losers end up, until the Tea Party stepped in to save her unknown,  unsavory, scumbag butt. Enter Sarah Palin! Palin gave her 200k plus her blessing. With that she beat the mainstream repub candidate, Mike Castle.

Even though the chairman of Delaware's Republican Party says O'Donnell couldn't get elected dog catcher she's his candidate now. The perfect candidate - for stupid people. Unbelievable!!!

Luckily for the people of Delaware O'Donnell stands little chance of winning the seat from the dems. But, as a parting gift she will have a lot more campaign money to pocket. Maybe she can use it to go to Fairleigh Dickenson and actually get the degree she told everyone she has.

Do you now see why I keep saying the tea party is for stupid people. Only the misinformed and the uninformed would vote for someone with this background.

Sep 15, 2010 6:42 pm

Oh boy, here we go, BG.

Do you now see why I keep saying the tea party is for stupid people. Only the misinformed and the uninformed would vote for someone with this background.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make lemonaide out of lemons.

The thing I like about you, BG, at this point its just about debate, keeping it simple and having some fun.


Sep 15, 2010 7:17 pm

Yes BG, but the Democrats nominated Blumenthal.

Blumenthal lied about his mliitary service.  He also lied about accepting PAC money.   Lied about being captain of the Harvard swim team.  CEI ranked him as the country's worst attorney general.

Blumenthal lied about being a combat veteran (which is ridiculous anyway, he was an admin and got like ten deferrals).

So, the tea party is stupid, but does this mean that the democratic party has not INTEGRITY?

Sep 15, 2010 7:20 pm

You mean to tell me that there are actual people living in Delaware? I thought it was just a high way system with expensive tolls. 

Sep 15, 2010 7:23 pm

I thought it was Mafia or Jersey Shore. Sorry.

Bond Guy, haven't you learned anything in the past year?

Sep 15, 2010 7:53 pm

Believe it or not, Delaware isn't all chicken coops and Duponts! 4 bucks is a rip for ten miles of superslab. The locals take Rt 13, the truckers, 301.  And, that' s because they're nobody's fool. Soaking the out of towners goes down just fine with the Blue Hens. Which is all the more reason to be surprized that these normally smart folks would vote for someone with O'Donnell's slippery background. The only explanation is they didn't know about it, or, did know but were convinced it didn't matter. Repubs, being repubs are conservative people. Church goin' people. Conservative people pay their bills, don't steal from their employees, and don't lie about their background. And, most wouldn't vote for someone who did. Well, unless they were flimflammed.Thus, the stupid monikor. What other explanation could there be?

Then again, anyone who's been to Pumpkin Chunkin' can tell you that Delaware has it's share of, how to say this, not so deep thinkers. And, anyone who has attended a NASCAR race at Dover can tell you that the food is the worst food served at any professional venue in the country. Yet, plenty of people going back for seconds. Judging from the hats, mostly Junior fans. I think i answered my own question. Hmmm!

We can talk about other liars thieves and scoundrels in congress on another thread. Wait a minute! We don't have enough bandwidth!

Sep 15, 2010 8:01 pm

Mafia? Jersey Shore?

I've learned that if you see a Lincoln Towncar on a fire trail in the Pine Barrens you don't stop to render assistance.

Sep 15, 2010 8:14 pm


Yes BG, but the Democrats nominated Blumenthal.

Blumenthal lied about his mliitary service.  He also lied about accepting PAC money.   Lied about being captain of the Harvard swim team.  CEI ranked him as the country's worst attorney general.

Blumenthal lied about being a combat veteran (which is ridiculous anyway, he was an admin and got like ten deferrals).

So, the tea party is stupid, but does this mean that the democratic party has not INTEGRITY?


Wow, Mo, I'm impressed.  I didn't think someone as far south as you would pick up on this stuff.  Blumenthal is a phony.  Like many AG's (DEM or GOP), every "cause" he chased was for the sole purpose of one day putting it up in lights for his next campaign.

I don't care whether his little military "slip" was intentional or not, when you "stretch" the truth in any capacity where other people are relying on your word, IMHO, your word then means nothing.  I see this all the time in our business.  Stretching the truth and lies by ommission.  Dihck Blumenthal is true to his name.

Sep 15, 2010 8:17 pm

  "   Conservative people pay their bills " .

Sep 15, 2010 8:26 pm


Mafia? Jersey Shore?

I've learned that if you see a Lincoln Towncar on a fire trail in the Pine Barrens you don't stop to render assistance.


Favorite theme. I live in a liberal place, not because of the dock worker' union, either.

Send 'em out here an' teach some respect. About the only thing that you I and I could agree on is the we should sick YongLiang on Congress. If I agree on coldcalling, you agree to make YongLiang Party Chairman of the Liberals and Tea Party carpet baggers.

I hear there is a new Jersey show coming to TV>

Sep 15, 2010 8:43 pm

So why single out the tea party?  All of these people are corrupt and liars.

Sep 15, 2010 8:56 pm

Blumenthal's slip was intentional. Arrogant enough to think he could pull it off. Voter's didn't have time to react to this as the story broke just days before the primary while Blumenthal's damage control spin was taking place. The difference between this and O'Donnell was there was no time squeeze or sophisticated spin machine working to counteract the negatives in Christine's background. People either weren't paying attention or were, but didn't understand the implications. Which takes me to the base case for tea baggers. They are uninformed or misinformed. They are angry at  our government and at the staus quo., damn the facts!

On the biggest issue, the bailouts, most are absolutely clueless on what happened or why. None, that i've spoken to, have any idea how our financial system works. It's embarrassing to have a conversation with some of these folks, they are that uninformed. Pointing out  "the facts"  gets you labeled as a progressive or a liberal. All political talking points with lots of air underneath. Scary!

Sep 15, 2010 9:03 pm

Actually, you make a good point, BG, except:

Pointing out  "the facts"  gets you labeled as a progressive or a liberal.

You forgot to add conservative.

The whole point of conservative economics, is, less is better. Not too complicated. If the Tea Partiers are stupid, they should be given a smaller budget. That sounds smart to me.

Sep 15, 2010 10:39 pm


 All political talking points with lots of air underneath. Scary!


I think you just accurately described 99% of the electorate as well as 99% of the politicians.

Sep 16, 2010 2:22 pm

But what are the facts?

The facts are these:

1)  Republicans don't listen and are too arrogant to think they should listen to the people

2)  Democrats think they know what the people think

3)  Both are wrong

4)  The Tea Party at least is made up of people who are trying to express their opinions.  Are some of them stupid?  You bet. 

Here is where the disconnect is though.  I submit to you that the Democrats and Republicans are JUST as stupid (that means the voters).  Why?  Because the Dems and Repubs have been at it long enough to know how to spin things their way.

Did you see the new Economic advisor for President Obama spin Biden's comment about this being the "Summer of Recovery"?  "What the Vice President meant was that it is the Summer of The recovery ACT, you know, putting jobs from the Recovery act in place"? 

These are all facts.  You get labeled a progressive or liberal or teabagger (which, why do you call them that?  It is an insult.  All of the pundits who use it and pretend it isn't are lying) if you can't look at things objectively.

John McCain has had his time.  He is a war hero and has served the Senate honorably up until the last election.  He has been part of the establishment so long that he has started lying and thinkng that it's what you are supposed to do.  John Boehner is simply an obstructionist and can often find no good reason for what he does.

Yet Nancy Pelosi?  "We need to pass the bill so we can find out WHAT IS IN IT?"  People have given Sarah Palin crap about being one heartbeat away from the Presidency when she was running with McCain.  THIS WOMAN IS THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!  She is literally two heartbeats away from being President.  What kind of moron says something THAT stupid and gets to keep their job?

The culture in Washington is one of entitlement.  The very fact that there are no term limits is ridiculous.  Being a politiician should only be a career if you serve four years in the House, twelve in the Senate, eight as a Governor and eight as a president or vice president (or both).  If you do that, you can spend a good thirty or forty years in public office. 

Sep 16, 2010 3:56 pm

Fiscal conservatives are about smaller govt, spending less money. This is the Tea Partiers big rallying cry. Yet, getting TPs elected isn't about money. It's about power. Money is the hot button they push to energize the base. And, the base falls for this. I think many here do as well. Those who buy-in are owned by the likes of Palin. Again, not smart.

Mama Tea Party, Sarah Palin, is calling for unity within the Repubican Party. She and her bought and paid for candidates, like O'Donnell, claim there is much work to be done in getting America back on her feet. They are calling for an end to the nastiness and divisiveness within the Republican Party. Could one describe this call for unity disingenuous? The people who caused the nastiness and the divisiveness pointing to others, whose support they now need,  and saying it's got to stop. Really? And, again, the base falls for this.

And, then there's this: A well worn campaign strategy to win a losing campaign is to hammer away on the wedge issues. Yeah, i'm gonna take yor job away, but  gays will never wed as long as i'm in office. This is a tried and true strategy for getting people to vote against their own best interests. And, it works! I tell you that to tell you this, The Tea Party is like a secret wedge issue weapon working in favor of the Democrats. While Sarah and her army are out there preaching a return to the moral conversative values of the repubican party they have divided it. In doing so they've given life to the democrats in places where they had no lfe. Delaware is a prime example. The repubs had this one in the bag before Palin showed up. Now, they are the dark horse and the National GOP is deciding how much money to waste supporting the campaign of a clear loser. United we stand, divided well fall. The repubs are divided. Those voting for the tea party candidates are voting against their own best interests by taking their party out of the race. The Dems in Delaware are doing a happy dance. How smart was that?

Sep 16, 2010 4:31 pm

BG, are you a smart progressive? You could argue that some of the progressive tactics have "melted down", too.

Creative destruction is a good thing - this is the power of America presenting. Don't be scared. You should be more frightened about how an appreciating Chinese Yuan will diminish your money pile. Your progressives have been counting on inflation and devaluation of the dollar to take care of all of the messy free trade and job creation issues, Delaware is just a little side show.

All of the fancy progressive reading and reasoning is what's melting down - into a puddle of solid gold. It's okay to skip reading the New York Times for one day.

Sep 17, 2010 12:32 am

Tenth, one needn't be a progressive or be very smart to call it like it is. I'm merely observing. And, at least smart enough to do that. Interestingly, my opinion is shared by many mainsteam republicans. They aren't doing a happy dance as they watch a loose cannon endanger their chances of winning control in November.

A few posts up you commented about less being better and smaller being smart. Ok, but that's not what this election is about. It's what Palin wants her followers to believe it's about. Which is: core republican values. What this election is about is power, not money. Money is merely a hot button to push to get republicans red faced with anger. So much so that they screw themselves with their choices. O'Donnell is case in point. She could win. The again, the sun could go super nova tomorrow. In creating this divisiveness Palin has caused a civil war within the the republican party that can only benefit the dems. One doesn't need to read the NY Times to see that. My core question is why can't the repubs see that? Why do they do make the poor choice? Do they not see that the Tea party movement is not grass roots? That the major funding is coming from corporate lobbyest for the Koch brothers?  Do they not see that this is about the idealogical leanings of  two rich men with anti government beliefs?  Have they not thought it through? IMO, they have not.

My reason for posting "The Perfect Candidate" is  I've watched this play out around the country, educated people duped into putting up non viable candidates.  Which is why i call them educated stupid people. With O'Donnell they went beyond stupid. If there is such a place. Of course, some of these candidates will win, but pundits say most won't. They are too red for most middle of the road repubs. And, that is the lost opportunity. Exactly what happened in Delaware this week.

Throw in some viable candidates who have screwed themselves, like Carly Fiorina and the repubs have got more of a fight on their hands than they should have. Carly could still win, but i gotta tell ya, laying off tens of thousands of people, getting a bonus for it, in a state with 12% unemployment isn't sitting well with most voters. But hey, it's California, the wedgyest of wedge issue states. Anything is possible.

Wait for 2012 - you going to vote for the Palin/Beck ticket?

Sep 17, 2010 1:08 am

No, I'm not voting for Palin/Beck.

I'm sitting way out West, surrounded by progressives. Where I am, the tax base is imploding against real estate values ( Average take home pay divided by mortgage payment = foreclosure).

The good jobs are still going to China.

This leaves government workers mainly having the best jobs. There is natural resource industry, agriculture, high tech engineers, GOVERNMENT, and service.

I think we could agree on a lot of things, but I know around your area there are a lot of Fortune 500 headquarters, and these multinationals can afford to prop up the economy a little.

California is BROKE. So is most of the west.

Sarah Palin and other T partiers represent rough-hewn common folk. I don't give a rat's butt if she only has a BA from Idaho. I heard Obama on NPR tonight, " I'm appointing my friend to protect consumers - I'm appointing her, because I've known her since Harvard Law School.

Give me  a break. I'm sick of sending my taxes to Washington. I guarantee you if your "fears" about stupid T partiers messing it up for the Repubs in the fall plays out, the market will find a way to tear down the corruption and waste that is Washington, the state, the city (but not the county). I love my county government (hot investment idea).

I think you miss the point about Palin, perhaps we both think she's a wacko histrionic fool, but she's paved the way for a whole generation of farmers, trappers, and insurance salesman who should step up and lead our government - but I anticipate perhaps your other concerns:

Whoever gets elected, gimme ah break, are they going to have the courage to tell the boomers they have to work longer, that there will be less services in Medicare ( I give the Dems some credit for being realists, an F for selling it) - and any good conservative should tell you, we need to avoid starting wars and telling women what they can do with their bodies or what gays can do with their spiritual, emotional, and economic commitments, and how they can build wealth using the tax laws and so on.

Anyway, it's happy hour and I've had a beer, time for a bike ride in the county.

Sep 17, 2010 1:36 am

I don't have time to read all of the longer posts in this thread, although from what i did read, they are all intelligent and interesting. I also admit I am not much of an intellectual when it comes to politics (thank God)

But i just need to chime in on the Tea Party. They scare me. The fact that they have gotten this far just shows how much raw anger there is in the populace. They are idiots, they are so far right that they are almost left.

This guy in NY, Palladino - did you see him on CNN last night. What a maniac . He's against abortion. OK. And I'm not saying I'm against it, or for it, don't want to get into that conversation. But this idiot is asked  - what about a woman who is pregnant from incest - his answer - tough - put it up for adoption. That was one of many gems. The best was his comment " When I get done with Andrew Cuomo, he'll be sorry he ever even thought about running for Governor." WTF! What is he going to do, beat him up? This is a guy running for Governor?

All the Tea Party is going to do, is screw up the Republicans, and give the Dems the help they desparately need.