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Announcing New Products Aimed at Wealth Managers

I am pleased to announce three new initiatives aimed at wealth managers-that is to say, you.

I am pleased to announce three new initiatives aimed at wealth managers — that is to say, you. If you haven't seen it on our homepage, we recently launched, a new online community and marketing platform for wealth advisors.

How we're different: Created by Registered Rep. and its sister publication Trusts & Estates, this specialty portal provides a unique marketing opportunity for financial products and service providers to network with a targeted community of more than 200,000 wealth management professionals and their firms. allows you to profile your company's news, events, white papers, videos and contact information all in one place — and update your information 24/7. also allows you to generate qualified leads for your products and services; position yourself as an industry leader in multiple categories; receive additional exposure via real-time updates and alerts; and to leverage social media programs with a carefully targeted online community of wealth management firms — from legal, tax, investing advice and asset managers to product information and networking among community members.

Visit And for more information, email [email protected] or call 866-821-0069, ext. 60900.

For our RIA Audience

RIA Rising, the latest newsletter produced by Registered Rep., focuses on the registered investment advisor segment. At latest count there are 11,600 RIAs registered (excluding pure asset managers, such as mutual funds and registered hedge funds and the like) with the Securities and Exchange Commission; trends suggest that number will increase in the coming years. More financial advisors are deciding to work independently and embrace a fiduciary standard, something that could be imposed on the entire industry by regulators in the wake of Dodd-Frank.

Registered Rep. is working with market analysts Meridian-IQ to track down the latest data on which advisors are joining the RIA ranks and where they're coming from. RIA Rising will profile advisors with interesting stories that reflect the trends that we see in this segment of the business. It will explore the ins and outs of setting up an RIA or joining an established firm, what to consider and the pros and cons of the transition. It will also include postings from the RIA Rising blog produced by Senior Editor Jerry Gleeson, which can be found on under the blogs tab.

Look for RIA Rising in your email on the third Friday of every month.

We have also introduced a new e-letter, The Wealth Advisor Weekender, which reaches about 130,000 subscribers each Saturday morning. The Weekender features the week's most popular news, features, videos, and advisor forum posts on To subscribe and to learn more, please see

These offerings complement our weekly Wealth Management e-letter, and our monthly letters: The Insurance Letter, The Retirement Letter, The Management Letter (aimed at branch managers and OSJs), and The Practice Management Letter, written by Matt Oechsli, one of the industry's foremost consultants.

We thank you for your support. Drop us a line with your comments: 249 W. 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011-5300. Or email us: [email protected]. Publisher Rich Santos can be reached at [email protected].

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