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Common Area

WMRE's Common Area: What Family Offices Want from CRE Investments

Belinda Schwartz, chair of the real estate department with Herrick Feinstein, comes on the podcast to discuss how HNWIs and family offices approach investing in the commercial real estate sector.


High-net-worth investors and family offices have unique needs when it comes to the commercial real estate market. It’s a way of diversifying their portfolios and, unlike for other investors, it is sometimes a long-term play that plays a role in estate planning and generational wealth strategies.  

In this episode, David Bodamer is joined by Belinda Schwartz, partner and chair of the real estate department with Herrick Feinstein. Belinda works with a range of high-net worth individuals and family offices, serving as the outside general counsel to a number of family-owned real estate businesses with portfolios valued above $1 billion.

Belinda discusses:

  • The impact of generational wealth planning when HNWIs and family offices invest in commercial real estate
  • What form HNWI and family office investments take in terms of looking at funds and private placements vs. directly acquiring real estate
  • What property types and markets these investors are interested in
  • How HNWIs and family offices have started experimenting with debt strategies and investing in proptech
  • How the tumult of the last two years has factored into their investment decisions

Tune in now.

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