Daughters in Charge: Working With Mom

Daughters in Charge: Working With Mom

Theme: Mother and daughters working together, sharing a commitment to their business, can enjoy each other and make a strong and effective team.   

Summary: Jennifer Thieme Kehres describes how her father’s invention led to an international business that inspired her to work with her parents and has provided her with a very satisfying career and family life.

Featured Guest: Jennifer Thieme Kehres, Commercial Sales Manager
Organization: Amigo Mobility International, Inc.
Website: www.myamigo.com
Contact: [email protected]; twitter: @amigojen

Key Quotes:

  • “I realized I would never be as satisfied in any career as I would be working in the family business.”
  • “It’s a novel thing to have a mother-daughter sales team. There’s a unique level of trust. I trust her to lead a conversation with a customer and vice versa.”
  • “When you’re growing up, you’re used to ‘table talk’… When you become a new employee, you’re exposed to some of the insider knowledge. I’ve tried to focus in on my current role and sequester myself. I see a bigger picture, but right now I want to be a good salesperson and focus on that.”  


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