Daughters in Charge Podcast: Grooming a Daughter to Take Over

Daughters in Charge Podcast: Grooming a Daughter to Take Over

How a Father is Encouraging his Daughter to Lead the Family Business

Summary: A father and daughter discuss the experiences and choices that led them to work together and to prepare her to take over the family business.

Featured Guests: Sarah Dunser and Tony Dunser
Organization: True Grit Inc.
Website: www.truegritinc.net
Contact:  [email protected]

Key Quotes:

  • Sarah: “I asked my dad, what would it take for me to run the business, and he said ‘get a degree, any degree’. So I got my degree in chemical engineering.”
  • Tony: “We tried to groom her from day 1 to take on to take over my job. She’s always had an interest…she’s not a girly girl; getting her hands dirty is not a problem.”
  • Sarah: “I hope I can grow the business, I hope we can hire more people, take in more work, and provide better customer service.
    I pay attention to detail now-are we doing the job right, are we making money or losing money-I see a lot more now.”
  • Tony: “I hope Sarah gets us into a different field of work. With Sarah’s background and effort that she can get us into new areas. She has brought an intellect into this company that we’ve never had.”

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