Daughters in Charge: How to Engage the Third Generation

Daughters in Charge: How to Engage the Third Generation

Theme: How to Engage the Third Generation

Summary: A third-generation daughter describes her family’s transition to new business opportunities, the role she is playing to support their success, and the way that a family council can help to bring the family together.

Featured Guest: Lauren Tracy
Contact: [email protected]

Key Quotes:

  • “Our family council has a rule: Third-generation members are required to work elsewhere for three years.”
  • “When I returned, I learned that I knew very little about the business. I had to keep an open mind and work as hard as I could.”
  • “The business brings us together. We’re very fortunate, but there are challenges. As we continue to grow, how do we stay close-knit? How do we keep everybody reconnecting? We are doing work on what the future will look like.”


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