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Thanks for your interest in the Executive Roundtable Journal: Knowledge, Data and Tools for C-Level Decision Makers

For many years Strategy & Resources, LLC has been looking for a way to share key learnings, observations and insights gathered from our research, experiences and consulting practice. With the help of the team at Informa / Wealth Management magazine, we brought this quarterly journal to life in 2019. We think it is important to differentiate from other publications by featuring senior executives and board members from leading financial services companies.

Part of our mission is to stimulate dialog and debate at the highest executive and board levels within the industry.

Typically about 36-pages in all, each of our quarterly journals contains valuable insights from financial services and fintech executives and board members. In addition to our regular Executive Strategy, Roundtable, Alumni Pulse, Advisor Insights and Last Word sections, we typically include a Special Feature, an Expert Opinion, and an occasional contribution from a NextGen Leader.

There are many ways for you to get involved if you are a senior executive and/or board member in the financial services industry:

  • Become a Community Steward
  • Help fuel industry insights via our quarterly Alumni Pulse survey
  • Suggest a firm to profile in the form of a case study
  • Contribute your thoughts in the form of a thought leadership piece
  • Participate in an upcoming Catalyst & Connection Day
  • Join us for one of an upcoming executive roundtable in New York City

Please submit your information on the form located on the front page of each digital issue. Now in its third year of production, the ERJ is also professionally printed and mailed, without cost, to those who meet the subscription guidelines (must be a senior executive or board member in the financial services industry or fintech space). Please open a digital issue and fill out the form you’ll see in the front of the publication to indicate your interest in receiving quarterly mailings. Thanks for making time to participate in the ERJ community.

Matt Lynch, Editorial Director,
Executive Roundtable Journal

ExecutiveRoundtableJournal.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - Mid-Year 2022

     When Bedrock Shifts: Unpredictable Times, Unreliable Data





  Executive Roundtable Journal - Second Quarter 2021

     Active Strategic Leadership




Executive Roundtable Journal Q1 2021

  Executive Roundtable Journal - First Quarter 2021

     Vision Setting for 2021 and Beyond




WMERJ_2009_CVR.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - Second Quarter 2020

     Business Decisions and Leadership Skills in the Midst of a Global Pandemic




ERJ-Cover_Q12020.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - First Quarter 2020

     Making Good Decisions During Times of Transition




SR-coverQ4-Thumb.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - Fourth Quarter 2019

    Advisor Power And The Last Three Feet




SR_DigitalEdition_Q3_thumb.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - Third Quarter 2019

   Getting The Most From Your Fintech Investments




SR_DigitalEdition_q2_Thumb.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - Second Quarter 2019

    Mitigating Risk, Embarking on Transformational Change, and More




SR_DigitalEditionQ1_Thumb.jpg  Executive Roundtable Journal - First Quarter 2019

   Using the 3 C-Drivers As A Strategic Lens