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RIA Trend Report 2016: Resources Used While Researching ETFs

RIA Trend Report 2016: Resources Used While Researching ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds

Results to this question are presented in descending order of the 2015 responses. Consistent with last year, garners the top spot for ETF research among providers, with over one-half of respondents indicating use of their online platform. And, approximately one-third of RIAs indicate they use Morningstar’s ETF specific research offering, a level fairly consistent with the past two years. However, not all Morningstar properties are seeing stable usage; its Principia service continues to fall, dropping to 16% from 20% last year and 24% in 2013. Lipper, the primary competitor to Morningstar in the wealth management space, actually reversed a declining trend in usage, with 13% of respondents indicating use of the Thomson-owned service compared to only 5% last year. Lipper has made some positive changes under new management and perhaps those investments are beginning to gain traction with advisors. ETF Guide, at 10% vs 6% last year, also registers a solid increase in usage. Moving in the opposition direction, ETF Trends and Universe both show notable declines in usage. 

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