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The Six Most Binge-able Estate Planning Movies and Shows

Netflix and chill… and learn?

Estate planning is viewed as a boring, stodgy subject by many, even in the advisory community. However, Hollywood has recently been catching on to what we here at have always know—estate planning actually is fun and cool! (Are you buying it or am I trying too hard?)

Over the past several years, a number of hit shows and movies have featured high-net-worth family and estate planning as their core conflicts. This offers advisors the wonderful opportunity to have their cake and eat it too by gleaning important lessons about their clients while consuming entertaining media.

Luckily, the holidays are just around the corner and many advisors are going to have an unusual amount of unrestricted free time. So, here are the six most binge-able estate planning movies and shows you should consider to Netflix and chill… and learn:

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