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Seven Steps Clients Should Take Now to Minimize 2014 Taxes


As advisors, we strive to provide clients with guidance on important financial matters year-round, but it can sometimes be difficult to get them to focus on long-term estate planning when they’re busy with the day-to-day of running their businesses. In late summer, when they’re not preoccupied with their tax returns or the holiday season, we have an opportunity to get in front of our clients and help them plan for their current year tax liabilities, estate and overall financial future.

Each client’s goals and circumstances differ, but the steps listed here can be a good starting point for talking to your clients about the tax implications of their estate plan and steps they can take right now to minimize their 2014 tax bill.  

John R. Anzivino, CPA, leads Kaufman Rossin’s estate, trust and exempt organization practice from the firm’s Miami office.

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