Practitioners With Heart 2013: Kimberly A. Fiske

Practitioners With Heart 2013: Kimberly A. Fiske


Kimberly A. Fiske

Firm: Fiske & Harvey PLLC

City: Alexandria, Va.

Age: 54


When asked why she’s so involved with Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN), Kim responds, “It’s just a part of what I do.” Participating on the board of SCAN for over eight years (and serving as board president for two of them), Kim channels her energies to make sure that the non-profit organization’s commitment to eliminating child abuse and helping those families that are affected by it continues to be sustainable. At SCAN, Kim has tapped into her skills as an attorney and developed a plan to maintain a fiscal reserve that, along with pushing for extended term leadership positions of SCAN’s board members, has ensured continuity of leadership, stability of services and an increased impact for the children and families that SCAN helps. Kim has also educated her fellow board members about planned and annual giving.

“I love working with SCAN because, unlike some nonprofits with similar missions that play on fear, SCAN focuses on educating the community,” says Kim. SCAN’s Parent Education Program offers parenting classes, support groups, developmental playgroups and parenting workshops. For example, SCAN organizes programs in community locations, which allow parents to leave their children to play under supervision, while the parents attend support group sessions held on site.

For Kim, one of SCAN’s most notable accomplishments is its Allies in Prevention Coalition. This initiative brings together child and welfare agencies and advocates to pool their resources to prevent child abuse and promote children’s well being in Northern Virginia. Its goal: to increase community and personal involvement by sharing best practices; joining resources; and working together to create effective public education messages about preventing child abuse and increasing positive parenting. Members of the coalition include SCAN members, along with members from the Department of Family Services, county public schools, early childhood programs, district court services, county health services and other child protective services. “We get all the different players in the same room for collaboration. Everyone has a different angle. But everyone has something valuable to share.”

Kim is proud to recognize that SCAN is celebrating its 25th anniversary of helping vulnerable children. “When I work in the community, it all comes back to me. I schedule the time to work with nonprofits just like I schedule everything else.” It’s no surprise then, that Kim was selected as the Nonprofit Board Leader of the Year in 2012 at the Annual Business Philanthropy Summit, hosted by Volunteer Alexandria.


Photograph by:  Tisara Photography


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