Fifteen Gifts That Every Planner Wants But Doesn’t Know It

Our guide to rewarding the hardworking professional this holiday season.

It’s been a long year. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was the talk of the town, increasing the estate and gift tax basic exclusion amount for 2018 to a historic $11.18 million. The Tax Court was busy handing down significant decisions as well, including the much-cited Cahill, a case ruling that IRC Sections 2036, 2038 and 2703 are applicable to multigenerational split dollar arrangements.

But we made it. Now that the holiday season is finally here, and storefronts are in their best and brightest lights and decorations, it’s time to thank the estate planner who’s worked hard to keep on top of all these developments. Here are 15 gifts we know every estate planner will want. So, go ahead and drop the hint—or treat yourself. You deserve it.

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