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On the Cover: November 2023

Legal editor Anna Sulkin discusses this month's cover.

Laure Mary-Couégnias’ Heavenly sold for £6,350 at Phillips Heatwave: Online Auction on Sept. 19–26, 2023 in London. Mary-Couégnias attended the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon in France and currently lives and works in Paris. Her paintings are known to create drama in stillness and bring surrealism to everyday scenes—she’s found a unique niche at the intersection of Naïve Art, Pop Art and Surrealism.

In an interview with Juxtapoz, Mary-Couégnias mentions that she needs to frequently change locations, because the experience helps to evolve her work and bring new points of view. Despite this, she doesn’t paint on location or from photographs—instead feeding on inspiration from her imagination. She carefully selects the colors she paints with, often a palette of greens, blues and berry hues, as seen on our cover in Heavenly. The paint is applied in many thin layers, helping achieve the two-dimensional flatness she’s recognized for. 

The originality of Mary-Couégnias’ work isn’t lost on its viewers; the young artist has already attracted the attention of multiple galleries and shows worldwide. With international business comes additional tax and reporting considerations, and our International Practice Committee Report in this month’s issue tackles some of the challenges clients may face.

Some of our other favorites, from Phillips Heatwave: Online Auction on Sept. 19–26, 2023 in London, appear throughout the issue.

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