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On the Cover: November 2019

Legal editor Anna Sulkin discusses this month's cover.

Our cover this month, Crimson Flush by Greg McHuron, sold for $702 on Sept. 13, 2019 at Jackson Hole Art Auction in Jackson, Wyo. Born in Syracuse, N.Y., McHuron eventually moved to Jackson, Wyo. after college, to be close to the subjects he enjoyed to paint. He also traveled extensively to other locations, including much of Alaska, wilderness areas in Colorado, down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park and to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

A plein-air painter who worked in watercolor and gouache, McHuron’s works are his firsthand accounts of the scenes as they unfolded. He preferred the excitement of the live experience as opposed to working in a studio environment. McHuron would do whatever it took to get the painting; story has it he once accidentally found himself in the middle of a buffalo stampede.

Many artists travel the globe as part of their careers—working, exhibiting and sometimes even permanently settling in a foreign country as part of their endeavors. But, just because you move outside the United States doesn’t mean you’re free from U.S. tax obligations—the Taxman may come back to haunt you. In “Expatriation as an Out-of-Body Experience” by David Roberts and Melvin A. Warshaw, p. 43, the authors discuss pitfalls and planning for the dreaded U.S. inheritance tax as concerning expat clients.

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