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On the Cover: December 2021

Legal editor Anna Sulkin discusses this month's cover.

Legend in December by Alan Reynolds, sold for $17,640 at Doyle’s Latin American & Post-War & Contemporary Art sale on Oct. 27, 2021 in New York City. A British artist, Reynolds initially rose to prominence through his landscape paintings, particularly his Four Seasons exhibition. The beautiful winter scene on our cover this month was among his last in that style.

Despite his emerging success, Reynolds followed his heart and abandoned the Neo-Romanticism style of his earlier works. He transitioned to completely abstract painting in 1960. His abstract works didn’t command the same praise and success as his landscapes; nevertheless, Reynolds stayed true to himself despite criticism that his newfound style was outdated and out of fashion. To stay financially sound after the transition, Reynolds taught at the prestigious Central School of Art and St. Martin’s, both in London, to supplement his income. His decision to stick to his vision is a testament to his true passion for art. 

Luckily for Reynolds, his decision that potentially caused him to miss out on a larger income didn’t seem to affect his marriage; he lived with his wife until his death in 2014. That isn’t always the case, however, as disagreements over money often play a major role in divorce. This month’s Committee Report on Domestic Relations examines various legal issues in the context of divorce.

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